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Phrases Using 'Querer'

Meanings May Not Be Immediately Obvious


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Como quiera que sea, el jefe tenía razón. (One way or another, the boss was right.)

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Most of the time, querer means "to want" or "to love." However, it is also used in quite a few phrases or idioms whose meanings may not be readily apparent. Following are some of them along with one or two examples each of their usage:

como quiera (or comoquiera) que: since (in the sense of "because"), given that. Como quiera que ya hemos discutido extensamente las implicaciones de la ley, hoy me gustaría tratar otro aspecto de la cuestión. Given that we have already extensively discussed the implications of the law, today I would like to deal with another aspect of the question. Como quiera que el documento analiza principio por principio, se constituye en una herramienta adicional para entender. Since the document analyzes principle by principle, it is an additional tool for understanding.

como quiera (or comoquiera) que sea: in any case, one way or another. Como quiera que sea, el jefe tenía razón. One way or another, the boss was right. Como quiera que sea, lo hecho no merece disculpa. In any case, there's no excusing what was done.

cuando quiera: whenever. Cuando quiera que haces algo que te hace feliz, tendrás menos probabilidades de recurrir a las drogas. Whenever you do something that makes you happy, you will have a lesser chance of turning to drugs.

hacer querer: to make attractive or lovable, to endear. No me importa si me hago querer. Sólo me interesa que me respeten. It doesn't matter to me if I make myself liked. I am only interested in people respecting me.

no querer (especially in the preterite tense and depending on the context): to refuse to. La actriz no quiso trabajar con él. The actress refused to work with him.

querer con locura: to be crazy about. ¡A mi me gusta que me quieran con locura! I love that they're crazy about me!

querer decir: to mean. ¡Qué quieres de decir con eso? What do you mean by that? Mi padre no quiso decir lo que dijo. My father didn't mean what he said.

querer de regreso: to want back. Real España quiere de regreso a Everaldo y Pavón. Real España wants Everaldo and Pavon back.

Querer es poder: Where there's a will there's a way. If you want to, you can. (This sentence literally means "To want is to be able.")

si Dios quiere: God willing. Esto terminará muy pronto y, si Dios quiere, muy bien. This will end very soon and, God willing, very well.

sin querer: accidentally, unintentionally, by mistake. Mientras seguían comiendo, escucharon sin querer la conversación de una mesa aledaña. While they continued eating, they accidentally heard the conversation at a nearby table. Me he enamorado sin querer. I have fallen in love without wanting to.

sin querer queriendo: to not mean to but also wanting to, accidentally on purpose. La compañía anunció el nuevo videojuego sin querer queriendo. The company "accidentally" announced the new video game.

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