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Get Started Learning Spanish

Keyboard shows the ñ.

Know nothing about Spanish? Start out with this lesson on its 27-letter alphabet.

Introduction to Spanish
Spanish Language Spotlight10

Part of Speech

Definition of "part of speech" with examples in Spanish and English.

Money Terms

Everyday Spanish terms you'll use when exchanging money and engaging in other monetary transactions.


Extensive verb conjugation is one of the features of Spanish, but conjugation also is something we do in English.

Phrases Using 'Conocer'

Learn colloquial uses for the verb "conocer" that appear in phrases.

Definite Articles Often Used in Spanish Where They Aren't in English

An in-depth look at a Spanish sentence and how it uses definite articles.

Using 'Doler'

11 sample sentences using the Spanish verb "doler."


Definition of "suffix" in a glossary written especially for Spanish students.

Indefinite Pronouns

An explanation of how to use indefinite pronouns, which don't refer to a particular person or thing, in Spanish.

Using 'Pagar' and Related Verbs

How to use the Spanish verb "pagar" and four other verbs derived from it.


Definition of "conjunction" with examples in Spanish and English.

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