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Get Started Learning Spanish

Keyboard shows the ñ.

Know nothing about Spanish? Start out with this lesson on its 27-letter alphabet.

Introduction to Spanish
Spanish Language Spotlight10

Keep Adverbs Close to What They Modify

Spanish adverbs are usually placed close to the words they modify. Unlike in English, they often can't simply be added to the end of a sentence.

Translating 'That'

Lesson on how to translate 'that' to Spanish, with an explanation of how the English word is used as various parts of speech.

Impersonal Verb

Definition of "impersonal verb" with examples how such verbs are used in Spanish and English.

Leísmo and Related Variations in Object Pronoun Usage

An explanation of leísmo, in which the Spanish pronoun "le" is used by some speakers where others would use "lo."

Using Pronouns With the Imperative Mood

Pronouns follow a specific order when used in commands.

Pronouncing the Spanish 'I'

How to pronounce the Spanish vowel "i" with sample words spoken by a native speaker.

Prepositional Pronouns

Learn which Spanish pronouns are used after prepositions.

Obvious ... But Wrong

False friends are words in two languages that are similar in appearance and/or pronunciation but have different meanings. Here is a list of some of the most common Spanish-English false friends.

Spanish for Travelers: Dining

Here is a basic vocabulary to use while dining out in an area where Spanish is spoken.

Using 'Parecer'

How to use the Spanish verb "parecer" (to seem or to seem like), with a variety of language and sentence examples.

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