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Tips for Learning Spanish

Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but it can also be fun. Here you will find advice on what is most effective for learning Spanish or another language.
  1. General Advice for Learning Spanish (19)

How Would a Native Speaker Say That?
It's one thing to learn to speak in a grammatically correct manner. But it's another to learn to use the same words, phrases and grammatical structures that a native speaker might. Here are some suggestions on how to do that.

How Would a Native Speaker Say That?
Here are a couple suggestions for learning how native speakers say things, not just what a textbook might say.

Avoiding Grammatical Mistakes When Learning Spanish
Advice from our readers about how to avoid grammatical mistakes when learning Spanish.

Internet Programming in Spanish
If you're learning Spanish (or if you already know the language), you can benefit from listening to it spoken by native speakers. You can even get used to listening to the language by listening to music. Here's a list of Internet Spanish-language audio sites recommended by users of the About Spanish Language site.

It's Time To Make Your Nominations for the Readers' Choice Awards
Now is the time to submit your nominations for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Learning Spanish
Following these tips will help you get beyond the beginning level of Spanish and also prevent you from sounding less intelligent than you are.

Spanish Basics in One Week
Are you thinking about learning Spanish? If so, this introductory series of lessons will teach you some basic facts about the language and introduce you to some of its basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. If you sign up, you'll receive seven lessons, one in your mailbox each day for a week.

Is it OK To Initiate a Conversation in Spanish?
A retail worker wants to know if it would offend Spanish speakers to initiate conversation with them in Spanish.

How To Speak Spanish Unlike a Native
Next time you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, would you like to be identified as an ugly American or just another silly tourist? If so, follow these steps.

Learning Two Languages at a Time
How difficult is it to learn two languages at the same time? Participants in our forum who have tried it say it isn't easy.

Satellite Radio Programming in Spanish
This guide describes the Spanish-language programming available on the two satellite radio networks available in the United States, XM and Sirius. It also includes a description of how satellite radio works and the options available.

I Want To Talk Spanish with a Native Speaker
If you're learning Spanish or another foreign language, here's some advice on how to go about finding a native speaker to talk with.

Tips for Learning Irregular Verb Conjugations
Learning verb conjugations can be one of the big challenges of learning Spanish. Here's some advice.

Find Someone to Speak Spanish With
It's easier to work on your Spanish speaking skills when you have a native speaker to talk to. Here are some suggestions for finding such a person.

Am I Too Old to Learn Spanish?
Is it more difficult to learn a foreign language when you're older? Probably. But that doesn't mean it can't be done.

Learning Spanish at the Movies
One way of improve your ability to listen to spoken Spanish is to watch Spanish-language movies.

Online News in Spanish
Reading current news in Spanish is a good way to expand your vocabulary and learn how Spanish is used in real life.

Make Spanish Your Browser Preference
One way to improve your language ability is to visit Spanish-language Web sites. By changing your browser preference, you can make some multilingual sites show up in Spanish rather than English.

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