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Culture of the Spanish-Speaking World

Learn more about the culture of the areas where Spanish is spoken.
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Learn While You Don't Earn
Volunteer for service abroad to enhance or use your language skills.

Women's History for Spanish Students
Links to Spanish-language articles on women's history.

Spain's Linguistic Diversity
If you think that Spanish or Castilian is the language of Spain, you're only partially right.

Spanish Baby Names
This is a list of dozens of Spanish names that can be given for baby girls, along with their English equivalents and original meanings.

Spanish Baby Names
This is a list of dozens of Spanish names that can be given for baby boys, along with their English equivalents and original meanings.

Which Person Who Speaks Spanish Do You Admire the Most?
Of all the people alive today who speak Spanish, whom do you admire the most? Please let us know so he or she can be eligible for an About.com 2013 Readers' Choice Award.

Which Is the Best Spanish-Language Website?
What is your favorite Spanish-language website? Please let us know so it can be considered for a 2013 Readers' Choice Award.

Spanish Surnames
The matter of Spanish surnames might seem confusing at first to native English speakers, but that's mostly because it's different than what they're used to.

More Spanish Proverbs
A month's worth of proverbs and other sayings in Spanish, with translations and grammar links.

Dichos, refranes y citas
For a quick and enjoyable way of learning sayings and proverbs familiar to Spanish speakers, subscribe to "Dichos, refranes y citas," a daily newsletter that features a new saying, proverb or quotation each day.

The Urban Legend of the Chevy Nova
You may have heard the story about Chevrolet having trouble marketing the Chevy Nova in Latin America because the car's name means "it doesn't go." But the interesting thing about the story is that it never happened.

Profiles of Countries Where Spanish Is Spoken
Learn more about the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Would I Offend People by Speaking Spanish to Them?
A retail worker is concerned that speaking Spanish to those who speak Spanish might offend them, as it might suggest they don't know how to speak English. What should this person do?

La vida de Estvanico
Estvanico was the first nonindigenous person to visit parts of what is now the southwestern United States. This article, written in both Spanish and English, was prepared in recognition of Black History Month.

Proverbial Spanish
A small collection of Spanish-language proverbs with English translations on a separate page.

Names of Nationalities in Spanish
Here is a list of Spanish words used for people of various nationalities.

Country Names
El and la are used with the names of some countries but not with others.

How Did Coln Become Columbus?
Find out why the Spanish name and the English name of Christopher Columbus are so different.

Nueva México or Nuevo México?
What is the correct name in Spanish for 'New Mexico'?

Where Can I Use My Language Skills?
Those who have a knack for languages can find plenty of employment opportunities to use their ability.

Finding Pen Pals
Brief listing of places where students can find Spanish-speaking friends to share emails with.

Where Can I Work Using My Language Skills?
A look at what jobs are available for those who learn a foreign language.

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