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Using 'Según'

Preposition Loosely Means 'According To'


Según is a preposition that is often used to mean "according to" or "depending on." However, as some of the examples in this lesson show, it can't always be translated that way to English.

Here are examples of how it is used in sentences:

  • La presidenta está viva, según su esposo. The president is alive, according to her husband.
  • Este tipo de política podría suponer, según mi opinión, daños irreparables. This type of politics can cause, in my opinion, irreparable harm.
  • Según el pronóstico, va a nevar. According to the forecast, it's going to snow.
  • Según Andrea, Pedro está más feliz que nunca. According to Andrea, Pedro is happier than ever.
  • Según lo que pasa, nos decidiremos luego. Depending on what happens, we'll decide later.
  • Según tú, no es necesario. According to you, it's not necessary.
Note that, as in the final example, según is followed by subject pronouns rather than object pronouns, as is the case for most prepositions. So the correct usages are según yo, según tú, según ella, según nosotros, etc.

Unlike many other prepositions, según is sometimes followed by a verb. In such a usage, it is classified by some grammarians as a conjunction. Here are some examples of según followed by a verb:

  • Nuestra causa es justa según comprendo. Our cause is just according to my understanding.
  • Según tienen hambre, es importante que coman. Since they are hungry, it is important that they eat.
  • Todos quedaron según estaban. All stayed as they were.
  • La nieve es, según parece, artificial. The snow is, judging by its appearance, artificial.
Según sometimes stands alone. In such cases, it often means "it depends" or something similar.
  • Comeré o no comeré, según. I'll eat or I won't, it just depends.
  • —¿Vas a estudiar? —Según. "Are you going to study?" "It depends."
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