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Guide Picks - Top Instructional Books for Learning Spanish
If you're learning Spanish on your own, or if you with to use supplementary material to give you a different perspective from what your learning in class, these books can help.
1) Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish
It's one thing to learn the rules of Spanish and pick up a sizable vocabulary. But it's quite another to avoid common mistakes, to keep from sounding uneducated, and to know more than the surface aspects of the language. This book's informal yet informative writing style is one of the best at helping learners truly understand not just the components of Spanish, but also the language itself.
2) Spanish Now! ¡El español actual! (Level 1)
This is an excellent Spanish instructional book — if you can get the answer key that goes with it and can have the stories read to you by someone with good pronunciation. This workbook features entertaining stories, vocabulary lessons, cultural information, effect grammar explanations, numerous exercises and well-done illustrations.
3) Spanish Now! ¡El español actual! (Level 2)
This is the second book in the series described above, but it covers intermediate topics.
4) Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses
Unlike most reference books on verbs, this text is a workbook that encourages you to — as you might guess from the title — practice, practice, practice Spanish verbs until you know them.
5) Las Puertas Retorcidas (The Twisted Doors)
This book/CD combo teaches Spanish by telling a mystery story. The story, presented in a bilingual format with learning helps, begins with simple Spanish and increases in difficulty.
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6) Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions
This is much like the above book, but with the emphasis on (you guessed it) pronouns and prepositions.

7) Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish
Rather than taking the traditional approach of teaching vocabulary words and grammar rules through memorization, the book explains the language and helps learners understand the language by providing reading material and offering the reader clues to understanding it.
8) English Grammar for Students of Spanish
Here's a novel approach: learn how English grammar works by comparing and contrasting it with Spanish grammar. As a result, you'll learn more about both languages.
9) Advanced Spanish Grammar: A Self-Teaching Guide
You'd never guess it from the title, but this book is written in Spanish. It's still geared, however, for those learning Spanish as a second language.
10) Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day
If you're an absolute beginner and want a quick introduction to Spanish, or if you learned the language some time ago and want a quick review, this book will teach you the basics and help you have fun doing it. It is designed especially for those who want to be able to communicate on a basic level while traveling.
11) Spanish for Dummies
Learn the basics of Spanish and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. This book, which is prepared by the staff of the Berlitz language instruction company, includes an audio CD so you can listen to the dialogues in the book.
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