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Grammar Glossary for Spanish Students



Veo tres tacos. (I see three tacos.)

Photo by Evan P. Cordes; licensed via Creative Commons.

Definition: The indicative mood is the verb mood used in ordinary, typical speech when making statements. The indicative is the most common of moods. It contrasts with the subjunctive mood, which is often used in making subjective or contrary-to-fact statements.

The indicative and subjunctive moods do not correspond exactly in English and Spanish. In English, the indicative mood is used nearly all the time except when giving direct commands. In other words, Spanish often uses a verb in the subjunctive mood when the corresponding English sentence uses one in the indicative mood.

Also Known As: Indicativo in Spanish.

Examples: The boldface verbs are in the indicative mood:

  • Veo tres tacos. (I see three tacos.)
  • I will go home. (Iré a casa.)
  • Compramos dos sandías. (We bought two watermelons.)

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