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Definition: Traditionally, "gerund" is the term used to refer to a certain Latin verb form that could function as a noun.

Nowadays, the term generally is used to refer to the present participle in English when it is functioning as a noun and the verbal present participle of Spanish. These are the verb forms that end in "-ing" in English and -ando or -iendo in Spanish. Note that in English the "-ing" form isn't considered a gerund unless it's functioning as a noun, but in Spanish the gerund functions as a verb (although it can also have some of the qualities of an adverb).

Some grammarians also use the term "gerund" more loosely to refer to any verb form when it is functioning as a noun. Generally, you should not assume this definition is meant unless the context makes clear this is what is intended.

Also Known As: Gerundio in Spanish when referring to the verbal present participle.
Boldfaced terms are gerunds: I am thinking about you. (Estoy pensando en ti. Note that English "-ing" word isn't functioning as a noun.) Seeing is believing. (Ver es creer. Note that the gerund is not used in Spanish here.) He went away crying. (Se fue llorando. Note here that llorando can be considered a type of adverb that affects the meaning of se fue.)
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