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Reader Reviews : Spanish Language Immersion Schools

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There is perhaps no more effective way of learning Spanish or any other language than by attending a language immersion school, where you can combine classes with experiencing life in an area where your new language is spoken. But language immersion schools can also require a substantial commitment of time and money. If you've attended a Spanish language immersion school in the past year, we'd like to hear what you thought about it as a way of helping others make their decisions.

Escuela de Idiomas (Spain)

Great school with very high \-quality teachers and the best friendliest atmosphere. They help with accommodation with local families or in their own block of apartments. I have attended for blocks of…More

Spanish Institute of Puebla (Mexico)

I went for one month in 2007, came home and worked for three months and went back for an additional two months. I would not have returned to SI Puebla if I did not think it was the best. The teachers…More

ICARI Spanish Learning Centre (Costa Rica)

ICARI provided the best experience we possibly could have hoped for. The teachers were extremely well trained and professional, providing a truly first class Spanish education. We definitely got our …More

IMAC Spanish Language School (Mexico)

I really enjoyed my time at IMAC. The classes were structured very well and I learned a lot. The building is very nice and the classroom sizes were always 6 students or fewer.The conversation classes…More

Spanish Institute of Puebla (Mexico)

This was my third trip to the Spanish Institute; previous to these three trips I had gone to five other language schools but none could compare to the Spanish Institute. Each time I go I advance so m…More

Querétaro Language School (Mexico)

For me, this school ties with Livit Immersion Center in Puebla as best language school. I chose QLS because I wanted to live in a small city with a large historic center and I wanted to work as a vol…More

Livit Immersion Center (Mexico)

This is a small school (lots of personal attention) in a big city. The owners, Scott and Maru, are dedicated to helping their students achieve as much as possible. Puebla does not have a large histor…More

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (Mexico)

Located on the grounds of a beautiful old estate in the center of Oaxaca City within easy walking distance from the Zocolo, ICO is the perfect setting to learn or improve one's Spanish. Classes move …More

Instituto Caribeño de Idiomas (Costa Rica)

While traveling around the world for 1.5 years, we had several stops in different Spanish schools. In Costa Rica we planned to stay for about two weeks, but finally we stayed there for almost three m…More

ECELA Santiago (Chile)

I am retired and started studying Spanish after I retired. I am now at the advanced level, and am mostly studying literature and culture with a smatter of grammar review. I have enjoyed my stay at EC…More

Spanish by the River (Costa Rica)

I had a great time taking classes at Spanish by bhe River.The classroom setting is ideal. Small student-teacher ratio. Comfortable, outdoor classrooms with great views of a volcano, the valley, banan…More

Spanish Institute of Puebla (Mexico)

I´m not a very young person, so I was a little hesitant about participating in this program after participating in other immersion programs and being disappointed. This program is everything it …More

Sistemas Bilingües Especializados (Mexico)

Dolores Monterrubio Alvarez is the director and maestra at this school. My first session was with a small group of three. It was amazing. Dolores used methods of teaching I have never encountered pre…More

Tía Tula Colegio de Español (Spain)

Tía Tula Colegio de Español is a great Spanish school in Spain, located in the intimate and historic city of Salamanca. The best thing about the school: the people! From the teachers, to th…More

Spanish Institue of Mérida (Mexico)

This was not a school for beginners. There were four students in our beginning class and the instructor did not know how to teach beginners. Her instruction consisted primarily of lists on the whiteb…More

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