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Visual Link Spanish

Reader Reviews: Software for Learning Spanish

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Bob Crooks

Software for learning Spanish

Name of software: 

Visual Link Spanish

Date of purchase: 


What age range is this most suitable for? 

10 and up

How much Spanish should you know before using this? 

Beginner to intermediate

Is this software a good value? 

It's a bargain!

Which operating system did you use this with? 


What did you like most about this software? 

No conjugation! It starts out with very basic stuff (for example, "I want....")

What did you dislike most about this software? 

There is not much Spanish-to-English work.

My Review 

Finally, no conjugation. Just how to say "I need", building into complete sentences. By the end of the first lessons, you are conjugating, but it's never called that. Excellent basic power verbs, as well as location words, distances, etc. It is a little light in explanations, for example why use estar and not ser. The program uses them correctly, so you have to pick out the example. A small book that follows the CD is included.

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