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Reader Reviews : Software for Learning Spanish

User Rating 4 Star Rating (26 Reviews)


The right software can be an invaluable too for learning Spanish more quickly (or, sometimes, at all). Here, About.com readers who have used such software share their experiences. If you've used some recently, please share your thoughts with us too!

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Tell Me More

Tell Me More is a great program for those who are serious about learning Spanish or another language. It is a little difficult at first because there is just so much you can do, but once you find all…More


I returned my phase two and they are still charging me. This is a very dishonest company. I have called them many times and they say they will stop charging me and retun my overpayment but then I get…More

Rosetta Stone

Worked on this for four hours a day for three months. No way to learn sentences. I bought all five courses and it is junk. You will learn words for apple, bathroom, car, window door, drink, etc., but…More

Synergy Spanish

After six years of academic Spanish, I could read and write passable Spanish, but not understand spoken Spanish or speak it. After some investigation, I found Synergy Spanish, which gets you to learn…More


I am about to finish level 5 of this program. It's a good way to learn. The methodology is a bit repetitive. But that is the way to learn a language, and for whatever reason, the words and grammar st…More

Livemocha Tutors

I would absolutely not recommend Livemocha Tutors to anyone seeking to learn a foreign language.It seems like a great idea, and a good deal -- you attend one-on-one classes with a native speaker over…More


AnkiDroid is an SRS-based flashcard software program to help you learn whatever you want. SRS: It'll show you a word, ask you how well you remember it. How well you remember it determines the next ti…More

Visual Link Spanish

I am quite well versed in a number of European languages and having used several courses (Linguaphone, which I liked, and Hugo, Teach Yourself, etc.) but in my view Visual Link was the best I have ev…More

User Review of Livemocha

The online program appears to be good so far, but the customer service is beyond bad! Repeated attempts to clear up what I purchased have been ignored. So if you have any problems do not expect any c…More

Bueno, Entonces

The main problem with this software is that it's directed toward the Argentina type of Spanish, which is like learning an Italian type of Spanish. The Argentina Spanish is dominated by a strong Itali…More

Visual Link Spanish

I had completed three levels of Rosetta Stone, yet felt I still couldn't speak in a sentence! Then I started using Visual Link Spanish. Suddenly, everything became clearer. I appreciate I had a decen…More

Personal Lexicon

Personal Lexicon has helped me organize my Spanish vocabulary exactly how I want it. I've tried many different software packages, but none has shown the flexibility and convenience that Personal Lexi…More

Synergy Spanish

I have found you need several different approaches to learning and among those, several audio learning programs. This is probably the best one I have used as a starter.It is enjoyable and evenly pace…More

Synergy Spanish

This program is fantastic. It teaches Spanish in a very logical, common-sense way. I love the way you're not just memorizing words or conjugating nouns, but really using sentences and phrases right o…More

Visual Link Spanish

Finally, no conjugation. Just how to say "I need", building into complete sentences. By the end of the first lessons, you are conjugating, but it's never called that. Excellent basic power verbs, as …More

Live Mocha

Although Live Mocha isn't a traditional CD/book program, it offers a unique approach to learning Spanish and many other languages. Everything is on the website. There are no books or CDs. You can ac…More


Pimsleur can be expensive if bought as a total package. Audible.com lets you buy it 5 lessons at a time for about $10, five lessons of 30 minutes each. Buy it at Amazon and they might still have the …More

Rosetta Stone

This program is good for someone who has no background in Spanish. It is easy to follow and there are feedback mechanisms to help you pronounce the words correctly. That said, it's very expensive and…More

Bueno Entonces

The only Spanish program I can't wait to finish work to watch and listen to. Funny, provocative and colloquial. The only downside is that the Spanish is unequivocally Argentine, so it's like learning…More

Word Magic

The name of the company is misleading in that it sounds "inexpensive"/(gimmicky?) to me. But their Pro Dictionary is excellent (I have a friend who does professional, legal translating and he uses th…More

BBC Spanish

1. It's free!2. It's better than the paid CDs and DVDs I have tried.3. It is engaging and entertaining.4. You can choose a level that fits your abilities.5. It addresses a wide range of learning styl…More


Pimsleur Spanish comes in three levels and a plus. Each level has 30 lessons and the plus has 10 lessons. Each lesson is about 30 minutes. There are also short reading exercises to learn more words. …More

Verbix 2008

Verbix can conjugate for more than 300 languages with translations into several languages and also has words link to Wikipedia (e.g., "etymology").…More

Take Off in Latin American Spanish

Newer edition available now. Consists of a booklet and four CDs. Format consists of short verbal scenarios with vocabulary and grammar and an ongoing "audio-novela" story. Easy for me to listen to in…More

Rosetta Stone

I started my journey with Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish v3 with the goal to be able to have informal conversations with the many Spanish speakers here in Texas in the USA. It took me 14 months…More


The software operates nicely and there is a logical progression of learning and building upon previous lessons. However, after about the 10th lesson it was clear that the 150 lessons of the program w…More

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