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Spanish Language: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
100 Spanish Words You Need To Know
Spanish words you need to know, 100 of them and then some.
15 Ways To Greet Someone in Spanish
Learn how to greet someone and introduce yourself in Spanish.
The Spanish Alphabet: English Plus One
Learn the Spanish alphabet, including how the letters are pronounced and how words are placed in alphabetical order.
How To Say 'I Love You' in Spanish
Is 'te amo' or 'te quiero' the best way to say 'I love you' in Spanish?
Give Your Baby Girl a Spanish Name
This is a list of dozens of Spanish names that can be given for baby girls, along with their English equivalents and original meanings.
Learn To Count in Spanish to Millions and Beyond
Learn how to count and how to form large numbers in Spanish.
End Your Confusion Over the Spanish "Porqu&eacu...
Confused? Understand the differences between 'porque,' 'por qué,' 'por que' and 'porqué' in Spanish.
Type Spanish Characters on Your Mac
If you're writing in Spanish with a Mac computer and need to type an accented letter or an upside-down question mark, here's an explanation of how to do it.
5 Quick Steps To Telling Time in Spanish
Learn how to tell time in Spanish.
23 Colors and What They're Called in Spanish
A quick lesson on colors and the way they're used in Spanish.
To Be or Not To Be: That's the Question for...
The Spanish verbs 'ser' and 'estar' can confuse because they both mean 'to be.' Here's a quick guide so you know which one to use.
How To Write Letters or Email in Spanish
How to use greetings and salutations in personal and business letters in Spanish.
53 Nationalities in Spanish
Here are the names of nationalities for many countries in Spanish.
Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish, and...
Here is a list of the months of the year in Spanish and an explanation of how they are used in sentences.
Enjoy the 4 Seasons in Spanish
Here are the names of the four seasons in Spanish and an explanation of how they are used.
5 Ways of Saying "You" in Spanish
This lesson explains the different words that Spanish uses for 'you.' It includes an explanation of formal and informal usage.
What Do They Call the @ Symbol in Spanish?
Learn how the @ symbol used in e-mail is referred to in Spanish.
What Do You Call Your Relatives in Spanish?
Learn how to refer to the members of your family in Spanish.
Count to 10 in Spanish
Count to 10 in Spanish. Spanish Language.
HowTo Write What Day It Is in Spanish
Dates written in Spanish typically follow the day-month-year pattern.
Name Your Baby Boy in Spanish
This is a list of dozens of Spanish names that can be given for baby boys, along with their English equivalents and original meanings.
10 Facts About Spanish You'd Like To Know
A collection of basic but interesting facts about the world's No. 2 language.
Name That Body Part — in Spanish!
Learn the Spanish words for the parts of the body.
If I learned Latin American Spanish, Will I Be...
What are the differences between Latin American Spanish and the Spanish of Spain?
End Your Confusion over "Por" and "Para" in...
The English 'for' can usually be translated to Spanish as 'por' or 'para.' Which one should you use?
6 Reasons Why You Should Be Studuying Spanish
Do you need a reason for studying Spanish? Here are several in addition to the fact that it's one of the world's most widely spoken languages.
How To Use the Two Simple Past Tenses of Spanish.
Unlike English, Spanish has two simple past tenses, the preterite and the imperfect. Although they may often be translated the same way to English, they seldom are interchangeable.
What's the Difference Between "Qué" and...
Learn the difference between 'qué' and 'cuál' in Spanish.
7 Reasons for Using the Spanish Verb "Ser"
'Ser' is one of the Spanish verbs for 'to be.' This lesson, aimed at beginning Spanish students, explains its most common uses and gives examples with English translations.
What Are the Verb Tenses in Spanish?
In the basic sense, the verb tenses are past, present and future. But when learning a foreign language, including Spanish, it's seldom that simple.
2-minute Lesson on Introducing Yourself in...
Quick lesson for beginners on introducing yourself in Spanish.
How To Tell Someone What To Do in Spanish
If you want to tell someone what to do, in Spanish you use the imperative mood.
Don't Count on Computerized Translations
Five online translators are put to the test by About.com's Guide to the Spanish Language.
How Does Spanish Use Upside-Down Punctuation?
What's the deal with the upside-down question marks and exclamation points in Spanish?
121 Words We Stole From Spanish, and Then Some...
English has dozens of words that it adopted from Spanish. Here is a list of many of them.
9 Ways of Thanking Someone in Spanish
Learn several ways of saying thanks or expressing appreciation in Spanish.
18 Examples of Conjugating Regular Verbs in...
Lesson for beginners on conjugating the most common of verb tenses, the present indicative.
How Do You Ask Questions in Spanish?
Learn how to ask questions in Spanish
What Is a Cognate?
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How To Get Your Punctuation Straight in Spanish
An overview of how punctuation is used in Spanish and how it is different than English punctuation.
Why Does Spanish Use EE. UU. as the Abbreviatio...
Why is the abbreviation for 'Estados Unidos' in Spanish 'EE. UU' instead of 'E. U.'?
How To Conjugate the Spanish Verb "Ser"
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb 'ser.'
11 Examples of Using Subject Pronouns in Spanish
Introduction to subject pronouns in Spanish, including the differences between the formal and familiar pronouns for 'you.'
Did a Royal Edict Give Spaniards a Lisp?
Is it true royal edict that gave Spaniards a 'lisp' in their pronunciation?
1-Minute Lesson on Saying "I Love You" in Spanish
This is a simple lesson — it will take less than a minute — on saying 'I love you' in Spanish.
Why is Diego the Spanish Name for James?
The Spanish equivalent of James is usually given as Diego, yet the two names don't seem at all alike. Here's why.
9 Rules for Capitalization in Spanish
English often capitalizes words in instances where Spanish does not. Learn how the two languages differ in that regard.
How To Conjugate the Spanish 'Ir'
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Spanish Names for 49 Fruits You'd Enjoy
Spanish words for the common fruits as well as some uncommon ones.
5 Ways You Can Politely Ask People To Do Things...
How to be polite when telling people what to do in Spanish.
Know the Difference Between "Saber" and "Conocer"
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How To Use Prepositions in Spanish
Prepositions function much the same way in English as they do in Spanish. However, it is not always easy to know which preposition to use.
How To Use the Spanish Verb "Tener"
How to use the Spanish verb 'tener,' which usually means 'to have.'
Day of the Dead Isn't the Same as Halloween
A look at the Day of the Dead or Día de los muertos in Mexico.
41 Words You Can Use in Spanish To Say What's...
Spanish words for rooms around the house as well as for appliances and furniture.
8 Reasons for Using the Definite Article in...
Definite articles are often used in Spanish where they're omitted in English. The definite article in English is 'the,' but Spanish has four definite articles.
Keep It Short: 47 Spanish Abbreviations
List of the common Spanish abbreviations.
Spanish Word of the Day — Learn a New...
Spanish Word of the Day, a new vocabulary word each day from About.com with definition and pronunciation guide
14 Spanish-Language Movies That Have Been...
Descriptions of the most popular Spanish-language movies for U.S. audiences.
Get To Like the Spanish Verb "Gustar"
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3 Ways in Which Stress Can Be Placed on Spanish...
Learn which syllable of Spanish word receives the stress and how that can be modified through the use of diacritical marks known as accents.
How To Conjugate the Spanish "Ver"
Chart showing how to conjugate the irregular Spanish verb 'ver' and related verbs such as 'prever.'
4 Ways of Using the Spanish Pronoun "Se"
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Learn How To Pronounce Spanish Vowels
Most Spanish vowels have only a single sound to learn.
5 Ways of Using the Spanish Verb "Estar"
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What's the Difference Between Spanish and...
Sometimes Spanish is known as Castilian. This article explains why there are two names for the language and what the differences are between the two terms.
How Did Cristóbal Colón Become...
Find out why the Spanish name and the English name of Christopher Columbus are so different.
How To Conjugate the Spanish Verb "Tener"
Conjugation of the irregular Spanish verb 'tener.'
7 Ways of Using "Lo" in Spanish
'Lo' is one of those Spanish words words that doesn't always have a clear definition — and it can function in at least three different ways.
23 Sentences Showing You How To Use the...
A lesson on when the subjunctive mood should be used in Spanish, complete with translated examples.
This and That in Spanish
A lesson for beginners in the use of demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those) in Spanish.
Where Do Spanish Adjectives Go?
You may have heard that descriptive adjectives in Spanish are placed after nouns they refer to. In real life, however, that often isn't true.
First, Second, Third — Say Them in Spanish
Ordinal numbers are those such as 'first,' 'second' and 'third' in English, or 'primero,' 'segundo' and 'tercero' in Spanish.
How To Start Learning Spanish
Are you thinking about learning Spanish? Here's an introduction to one of the world's great languages.
How To Pronounce B and V in Spanish
A thorough explanation of how to pronounce the letters B and V in Spanish, along with an audio version of the lesson.
37 Spanish Words That Don't Mean What You Think...
False friends are words in two languages that are similar in appearance and/or pronunciation but have different meanings. Here is a list of some of the most common Spanish-English false friends.
37 Words That Break the Main Gender Rule of...
As a general rule, Spanish words that end in 'a' are feminine and those that end in 'o' are masculine. Here's a list of the most common exceptions.
Yes, You Can Use "T&uacute" When Writing to...
Although websites presumably are speaking to strangers, their use of 'tú' is quite common.
3 Ways of Using the Spanish Verb "Haber"
Learn about using 'haber,' a common verb in Spanish that is used as an auxiliary and also to mean 'there is' or 'there are.'
Using Your Keyboard To Make Spanish Accents and...
If you're writing in Spanish, here are instructions for typing accents and Spanish punctuation using the Windows XP or Windows Vista. This page describes how to install the international keyboard software that is part of Windows.
How To Successfully Guess a Spanish Word's...
Even if a Spanish noun doesn't end in 'a' or 'o,' you can often determine whether it is probably masculine or feminine.
How To Conjugate Your Favorite Spanish Verb
If you're want to know how to conjugate a verb in Spanish, you've come to the right place.
12 Pronouns You Can Use in Spanish Questions
Interrogative pronouns are those commonly used in questions. In this lesson for Spanish students, you will learn the interrogative pronouns and see examples of how they are used in sentences.
How Spanish-speaking people pass on their...
Did you know that people in Spanish-speaking countries have surnames that come from both the father and the mother?
21 Ways To Talk Like Animals in Spanish
Here are the sounds that the animals make in Spanish. They aren't necessarily the same as they make in English.
Learn How To Pronounce the G and J in Spanish
A brief lesson in pronouncing the G and J of Spanish. Read a description of the sounds and hear them spoken by native speakers.
7 Ways of Using the Spanish Preposition "Por"
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4 Ways To Avoid the Imperative Mood in Spanish
Here are ways to give commands in Spanish without using the imperative mood.
How To Use Possessive Adjectives in Spanish
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New to Spanish? Learn About Conjugation
Understand the concept of verb conjugation as it is used in Spanish and English.
Which Past Tense of "Ser" Should I Use?
Discussion on the differences between the imperfect and preterite forms of the Spanish verb 'ser.'
87 Cellphone Abbreviations You Can Use To Text...
Quickly send text messages in Spanish using this list of popular abbreviations.
Conjugation of oír - Spanish Language
Want to know how to conjugate oír? Here's how, from your About.com Guide
Spanish Instructional Books - Top Picks
If you're learning Spanish on your own, or if you with to use supplementary material to give you a different perspective from what your learning in class, these books can help.
What's Your Job? Say It in Spanish
List of occupation names in Spanish with an explanation of the gender rules apply to them.
Find Out What You Wear in Spanish
List of the Spanish words for common articles of clothing.
What You Need To Know About Objective Pronouns...
How to use direct-object and indirect-object pronouns in Spanish.
How To Use Reflexive Pronouns in Spanish
Learn how reflexive pronouns are used in Spanish. Example sentences are included.
How To Conjugate the Common Spanish Verb "Haber"
Conjugation of the Spanish verb 'haber'
How To Make Spanish Adjectives Agree With Nouns
In Spanish, adjectives must match the nouns they describe in both number and gender.
7 Reasons for Using the Spanish Preposition...
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How To Use "Un" and "Una" in Spanish (or Leave...
The indefinite articles ('a' and 'an' in English) are used less often in Spanish than they are in English. Here's a guide to how.
The 6 Indirect-Object Pronouns You Need To...
Learn how indirect-object pronouns are used in Spanish.
If Only I Could Say "If" in Spanish
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How To Make Spanish Words Plural
Here are the rules for making words plural in Spanish.
How Gender and Sex Aren't the Same in Spanish
In Spanish, nouns can be classified into two categories, masculine and feminine. This lesson explains the concept of grammatical gender and gives examples of what difference it makes.
Learn How To Pronounce the Easy Spanish...
Learn which Spanish consonants are pronounced almost exactly like their English counterparts.
13 Ways You Can Use the Spanish Word "Ya"
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What's the Difference Between Spanish "Tan" and...
Learn the differences between the Spanish words 'tan' and 'tanto.'
How To Make New Spanish Words Using Suffixes
Suffixes and how to use them in Spanish, with examples.
5 Spanish Words You Can Use for "What"
The English word 'what' can be translated numerous ways into Spanish.
It Is True That English Has More Words Than...
Spanish may have fewer words, but that doesn't make it inferior.
How To Conjugate the Spanish Verb "Saber"
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb 'saber.'
How To Conjugate the Spanish Verb "Dar"
Conjugation for all the simple tenses of 'dar,' a Spanish word usually translated as 'to give.'
How To Conjugate the Spanish Verb "Decir"
Conjugation of the Spanish verb 'decir.'
How To Pronounce the Spanish W
The W in Spanish is found in words of foreign origin, and it is not always pronounced the same way.
How Word Order Is More Flexible in Spanish
As you read or listen to everyday Spanish, you will notice that many sentences don't follow the usual subject-comes-first pattern.
How To Conjugate the Preterite Tense of Spanish
The conjugation for preterite verbs in Spanish is essential to learn, as it is used to talk about events that happened in the past.
7 Things You Should Know About Reflexive Verbs...
An introduction to reflexive verbs as they are used in Spanish.
What Kind of Money Do I Use in Spanish-Speaking...
Names, symbol and subdivisions of currency of the countries where Spanish is an official language.
Names of 53 Zoo Animals in Spanish
Learn the Spanish names for many of the animals you'll see at a zoo.
Maybe You Can Say "Maybe" in Spanish.
How to say 'maybe' or 'perhaps' in Spanish, with examples and their translations.
Did Chevrolet Blunder in Marketing the Nova in...
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How To Pronounce the X in Spanish
The letter X in Spanish is pronounced in several different ways.
2 Ways To Say "But" in Spanish
Learn the differences between the Spanish conjunctions 'pero' and 'sino,' both of which can be translated as 'but.'
31 Sentences That Show You How To Use Spanish...
Learn how infinitives are used immediately following conjugated verbs in Spanish.
Know Your Vegetables in Spanish
Here are the names of many common vegetables in Spanish, and some uncommon ones as well.
Spanish-Language Hit Music
A collection of Spanish-language songs that have been heard at one time or another on English-language radio in the United States
3 Spanish Adverbs for Saying Where Something Is
In English, things are here or there, but in Spanish they can be here, there or over there.
How To Use Present Participles in Spanish
Learn how present participles, also known as gerunds, are used in Spanish. They typically are the equivalent of '-ing' verbs in English.
What Is the Conditional Tense in Spanish and...
A description of the conditional tense in Spanish with examples and their translations.
Where Did the Spanish Names for the Days of the...
Planets and Roman gods inspired the names of the days of the week in Spanish and English.
13 Spanish Consonants You Should Learn To...
How to pronounce the consonants of Spanish that are quite different from their English counterparts. Lesson includes links to more detailed lessons and audio files.
Using the Spanish 'No'
The Spanish word 'no' is similar in meaning to the English 'no,' but the two words aren't used exactly the same.
El Ahorcado - Play Hangman and Learn Spanish -...
Here is a collection of hangman games you can play to have fun and to increase your Spanish vocabulary.
6 Reasons Why You'd Use the Present Tense in...
How to use the present tense in Spanish, with easy-to-understand examples.
Learn How To Use the Future Tense of Spanish
Learn the usages and conjugation of the future tense in Spanish.
73 Computer-Related Terms in Spanish You Can...
Spanish-English glossary of common terms involving computers and the Internet.
5 Reasons for Using Accent Marks in Spanish
Explanation of when written accents are used in Spanish.
What You Need To Know About Language Immersion...
Are you thinking about going to a foreign country to study Spanish? Here are some details you may want to consider as you plan your studies.
You'll Be Suprised by the Spanish Words That...
Thousands of Spanish words come from the Arabic language. Here is a list of the most common.
How To Use Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish
An explanation and complete list of the demonstrative pronouns of Spanish with examples of their use in sentences.
6 Reasons To Use the Spanish Preposition "A"
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How to make words plural in Spanish
Spanish and English have similar ways of making nouns plural. But there are some significant differences you need to know.
5 Ways of Translating "-ing" Words to Spanish
When translating to Spanish, you can't translate all English words ending in '-ing' the same way.
29 Lessons on Spanish Pronunciation
Overview of Spanish pronunciation with links to lessons on each letter of the alphabet.
3 Types of Punctuation Spanish Uses for...
Spanish has three types of punctuation it uses to mark quotations.
13 Ways To Order Words in Spanish
An explanation of how Spanish is more flexible than is English in terms of word order.
7 Websites You Can Use To Follow the News in...
Keep up on your daily news and improve your ability to read Spanish at the same time.
7 Ways You Can Use the Spanish Verb "Poder"
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