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Words We Share

Here is a collection of brief articles looking at some of the many words that Spanish and English have in common.

Alfabeto - Alphabet
A look at the origins of the English word "alphabet" and the Spanish word alfabeto.

In both English and Spanish, a hundredth of a euro is a cent.

Cocaine - Cocaína
The history of the word "cocaine" and its Spanish equivalent, cocaína, shows the circuitous routes words often take to become part of a language. This article also includes some of the Spanish slang names for cocaine.

Gracia - Grace
The English word 'grace' and the Spanish word 'gracia' have a common origin in Latin.

Gringo is a Spanish word that has also become part of the English language. Its connotative and detonative meanings in Spanish vary with region and context.

Huracán - Hurricane
The English word is derived from the Spanish word "huracán," but it was an Arawak/Taino word first.

Words We Share: 'Pretend' and 'Pretender'
Although the English verb "pretend" and the Spanish verb pretender come from the same Latin word, they mean quite different things today.

'Barb' and 'Barba'
Question and answer about the connection between the English word "barb" and the Spanish word barba.

'Derecho' as a Weather Term in English
Origins of the weather terms 'derecho' and 'tornado.'

Because parts of the western United States were once part of Mexico, many words associated with rodeo come to us from Spanish.

Using "Des-" and Related Prefixes
A look at how the Spanish prefix "des-," similar to the English prefix "de-," and ones similar to it are used.

Patterns of Similarity and Difference in Spanish and English
A look at how English and Spanish words often differ in predictable ways.

'Calidad' vs. 'Cualidad'
What is the difference between the Spanish words 'calidad' and 'cualidad'?

English Loanwords Abound in Modern Spanish
An article from a Venezuelan newspaper provides a quick lesson in loanwords.

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