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Fruits in Spanish

Frutas en español


Red strawberries.

Las fresas son rojas. (Strawberries are red.)

Photo by Paul Stein, licensed via Creative Commons.

One of the delights of traveling to Panama, Ecuador or other Spanish-speaking countries close to the equator is the chance to enjoy fresh tropical fruits. Of course, fruits are a favorite food everywhere. Here is a list of the Spanish words for most of the common fruits as well as many that are lesser known:

apple — la manzana
apricot — el damasco, el albericoque
avocado — el aguacate
banana — el plátano, la banana
blackberry — la mora, la zarzamora
blueberry — el arándano
camu camu — el camu camu
cantaloupe — el cantalupo
cherimoya — la chirimoya
cherry — la cereza
coconut — el coco
cranberry — el arándano
date — el dátil
fig — el higo
galia — el melón galia
gooseberry — la grosella espinosa
grape — la uva
grapefruit — el pomelo, la toronja
guarana — la fruta de guaraná
huckleberry — el arándano
kiwi — el kiwi
kumquat — el kinoto
lemon — el limón
lime — la lima
loganberry — la zarza, la frambuesa
mandarin — la mandarina
mango — el mango
melón — el melón
mulberry — la mora
naranjilla — la naranjilla, el lulo
nectarine — la nectarina
olive — la oliva, la aceituna
orange — la naranja
papaya — la papaya
peach — el durazno, el melocotón
pear — la pera
persimmon — el caqui
pineapple — la piña, el ananá
plantain — el plátano
plum — la ciruela
pomegranate — la granada
prickly pear — la tuna, el higo chumbo
raspberry — la frambuesa
strawberry — la fresa, la frutilla
tangerine — la mandarina
tomatillo — el tomatillo
tomato — el tomate
watermelon — la sandía

Note: Many fruits have local or regional names that may not be understood outside the area. Also, the English and Spanish words for particular fruits may not always be an exact match. For example, what is known as un arándano in Spanish goes by several different names in English.

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