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Articles of Clothing

Prendas de vestir



Cuerdas para la ropa. (Clotheslines.)

Photo by Srgpicker; licensed via Creative Commons.

Are you planning on going shopping in an area where Spanish is spoken? Do you need to make a packing list for a Spanish-speaking person, or a laundry list for your hotel? Or do you merely want to know the Spanish names for what you wear every day?

In any of the cases, this list of Spanish names for articles of clothing can come in handy. Listed below are the most common and universally understood words for articles of clothing (prendas de vestir in Spanish). In cases where more than one word is listed, usage varies with the style or design of the article of clothing, or in some cases with the region. Note that in the case of some types of trendy clothing, it isn't unusual to use slang terms, brand names or the English names.

Articles of clothing — Prendas de vestir

bathrobe — el albornoz
belt — el cinturón (leather belt, cinturón de cuero)
blouse — la blusa
boots — las botas
cap — la gorra, el gorro
coat — el abrigo
dress — el vestido
gloves — los guantes
hat — el sombrero
jacket — la chaqueta
jeans — los jeans, los vaqueros, los bluyines, los tejanos
miniskirt — la minifalda
pajamas — la pijama
pants, trousers — los pantalones
purse — el bolso
raincoat — el impermeable
sandal — la sandalia
shirt — la camisa
shoe — el zapato
shorts — los pantalones cortos, el short, las bermudas, los culotes
skirt — la falda
slipper — la zapatilla
sock — el calcetín
stocking — la media
suit — el traje
sweater — el suéter, el jersey, la chompa
sweatshirt — la sudadera, el pulóver (with hood, con capucha)
sweatsuit — el traje de entrenamiento
swimsuit — el bañador, el traje de baño
tennis shoe, sneaker — el zapato de tenis, el zapato de lona
tie — la corbata
T-shirt — la camiseta, la playera
underwear — la ropa interior
wristwatch — el reloj (de pulsera)

The general word for "clothing" is la ropa.

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