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Games and Puzzles for Learning Vocabulary

There are more interesting way to increase your vocabulary than reading the dictionary or studying word lists. Here are some games and puzzles designed to boost your word knowledge.

Two-Letter Words
If you play games such as Scrabble, Wordfeud or Apalabrados (Angry Birds) in Spanish, you'll appreciate this list of two-letter words, complete with definitions.

'El Ahorcado' (Hangman)
Each of the games in this collection will display a new word each time you play.

Words of Love: Word Search for Lovers
This word-find puzzle is a fun way to learn some of the Spanish words relating to love.

Words of Christmas
Learn the words of Christmas with this word-find puzzle.

Here's a look at some Spanish palindromes (words or sentences that are spelled the same backward and forward).

'Crucigramas': Crosssord Puzzles
Here are some crossword puzzles you can use to test your vocabulary, plus instructions about where you can find software to help you make your own.

Christmas Vocabulary Quiz
How many words related to Christmas do you know? Find out with this self-scoring quiz.

Thanksgiving Quiz: Can You Talk Turkey?
See how well you know the Spanish words related to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

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