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Definition: The part of speech that expresses action, existence or mode of being. In both English and Spanish, a verb, to be used in forming a complete sentence, must be accompanied by a noun or pronoun that is acting, existing or in a mode of being. (In Spanish, it is common for the noun to be implied without being explicitly stated.) In both languages (although much more so in Spanish), verbs are inflected or conjugated to show when action, existence or mode of being occurs as well as how many (one or more than one) are performing the action, existence or state of being.
Also Known As: El verbo in Spanish.
Examples in Spanish: Pablo echó la camisa a la basura. (The verb expresses action). Mi madre está en casa. (The verb expresses existence.) Los árboles son verdes. (The verb expresses state of being.) Equivalent examples in English: Pablo threw the shirt in the garbage. (The verb expresses action.) My mother is at home. (The verb expresses existence.) The trees are green. (The verb expresses state of being.)
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