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Translations of Particular English Words and Phrases

This collection of lessons explains how you might translate particular English words and phrases to Spanish.
  1. Translating Phrases (2)
  2. Translating Specific English Words (1)
  3. Translations of English Verbs (17)

Speaking of Work
The English word 'work' can be translated to Spanish in many ways. Here are the most common.

'Free' in Spanish
Lesson on the ways the English word 'free' can be expressed in Spanish.

Say It Right in Spanish
The English word 'right' has many meanings, so you need to translate for meaning to convey the idea in Spanish.

Translating 'As' to Spanish
Because the English word 'as' has many meanings, it can be translated to Spanish in many ways. This lesson explains the most common.

Saying 'Then' in Spanish
The English word 'then' is often translated as 'entonces' in Spanish, but whether you want that word depends on the context.

Translating 'Half' in Spanish - Learn Spanish Language
The concept of the English word 'half' can be conveyed several ways in Spanish.

City Names
Nnumerous major and noteworthy cities worldwide are known by different names in Spanish than in English.

Sounds Animals Make
If a cow says "moo" in English, what does she say in Spanish? Mu, of course. But when we're talking about sounds that animals make, it isn't always that simple.

Thanksgiving Words
Learn Spanish words associated with the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Spanish Words for 'Home'
A look at the most common ways that 'home' can be translated to Spanish, with examples.

What's 'Cool' in Spanish?
Learn about the different ways Spanish speakers say something is "cool."

Translating 'Since'
The English word 'since' can be translated to Spanish in several ways.

Translating 'Let'
"Let" is one of those English words that can be translated numerous ways in Spanish, because "let" itself has numerous meanings.

Words Meaning 'Love'
Love, indeed, is a many-splendored thing. The English word "love" has many different meanings, so its translation to Spanish depends on exactly what it is you want to say.

Ways of Saying 'Very'
Muy, a word meaning "very," is easy to overuse. Here are some alternatives for expressing the same concept.

Translating 'Down'
A guide to translating the English word 'down' to Spanish.

Saying 'What'
Spanish has at least five different ways of translating the English "what."

Is 'Emails' a Spanish Word?
Like it or not, many English words, especially those relating to technology, are becoming part of the Spanish language.

Phrases Meaning 'Unless'
Spanish phrases that can be used for "unless," with sample sentences.

'Papel' Means More Than Paper
A look at how the word "papel" is used, with sample sentences.

How Do You Say 'Supposed To'?
How to say 'supposed to' in Spanish

'Algunos' vs. 'Unos'
An explanation of the differences in usage between 'algunos' and 'unos,' with sample sentences.

Using 'Fin'
How to use the Spanish noun "fin," with examples.

Translating 'So'
A look at the various ways 'so' can be translated to Spanish, with sample sentences.

Saying 'Around' in Spanish
A look at the different ways 'around' can be translated to Spanish, with examples.

Spanish Verbs of Becoming

Adverbial Phrases
In Spanish, it is very common to use phrases that function as adverbs. In many cases, phrases are used in preference to adverbs that mean the same thing.

Verbs of Choosing
How to use the verbs 'elegir' and 'escoger' in Spanish.

Verbs of Happening

'Aconsejar' and Other Verbs of Advice

Verbs and Phrases of Liking

Saying 'Even' in Spanish
Here are more than a dozen ways of translating the word 'even' to Spanish.

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