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Conjugation of 'Ver'

Common Verb Is Mostly Regular


closeup of eye

El ojo es para ver. (The eye is for seeing.)

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The verb ver, which typically means "to see" or "to watch," is mostly regular. Exceptions are shown in boldface below. The only words that share the conjugation of ver are verbs derived from ver such as prever (to preview) and entrever (to partly see). Translations below are given as a guide to help clarify the differences between the tenses. Actual translations can vary considerably with the context. Personal pronouns are listed below for clarification; in practice they are often omitted.

Infinitive (infinitivo): ver (to see)

Gerund (gerundio): viendo (seeing)

Participle (participio): visto (seen)

Present indicative (presente del indicativo): yo veo, tú ves, usted/él/ella ve, nosotros/as vemos, vosotros/as véis, ustedes/ellos/ellas ven (I see, you see, etc.)

Preterite (pretérito): yo vi, tu viste, usted/él/ella vio, nosotros/as vimos, vosotros/as visteis, ustedes/ellos/ellas vieron (I saw, you saw, etc.)

Imperfect indicative (imperfecto del indicativo): yo veía, tú veías, usted/él/ella veía, nosotros/as veíamos, vosotros/as veíais, ustedes/ellos/ellas veían (I used to see, you used to see, etc.)

Future (futuro): yo veré, tú verás, usted/él/ella verá, nosotros/as veremos, vosotros/as veréis, ustedes/ellos/ellas verán (I will see, you will see, etc.)

Conditional (condicional): yo vería, tú verías, usted/él/ella vería, nosotros/as veríamos, vosotros/as veríais, ustedes/ellos/ellas verían (I would see, you would see, etc.)

Present subjunctive (presente del subjuntivo): que yo vea, que tú veas, que usted/él/ella vea, que nosotros/as veamos, que vosotros/as veáis, que ustedes/ellos/ellas vean (that I see, that you see, etc.)

Imperfect subjunctive (imperfecto del subjuntivo): que yo viera (viese), que tú vieras (vieses), que usted/él/ella viera (viese), que nosotros/as viéramos (viésemos), que vosotros/as vierais (vieseis), que ustedes/ellos/ellas vieran (viesen) (that I saw, that you saw, etc.)

Imperative (imperativo): ve tú (see), no veas (don't see), vea usted (see), veamos nosotros/as (let's see), ved vosotros/as (see), no veáis vosotros/as (don't see), vean ustedes (see)

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