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Definition: A word or phrase that is substituted for something that is more direct, more specific and is considered unpleasant, embarrassing or offensive, or that has a stigma attached. Euphemisms are used quite frequently in discussing matters relating to sexual or excretory activities, and sometimes with matters relating to illness or death. Thus, in English, a verb phrase such as "to sleep together" is used to refer an activity that is best done while awake, and we may talk about someone "passing away" rather than "dying."
Also Known As: Eufemismo in Spanish.
Here are some Spanish euphemisms and their English equivalents: mujer pública (literally "public woman," similar to "lady of the evening"), daños colaterales ("collateral damage," meaning víctimas civiles or "civilian casualties"), ver a Juan ("to go to the john"), el corre que te alcanza ("the runs"), aventura amorosa (literally, "love adventure," meaning "affair" or, less euphemistically, adulterio or "adultery").
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