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Learn about the latest products such as software, books, tapes and audio CDs that can help you learn or use Spanish more effectively.
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Think Spanish
Review of Think Spanish, a monthly subscription-based magazine and optional audio CD for people learning Spanish.

Before You Buy Products for Teaching Yourself Spanish
Here are some tips for selecting the learning product that's right for you.

Spanish-Language Hit Music
Although Spanish-language songs were often performed in the United States during the Big Band era, it's almost unheard of now to turn on an English-language radio station and hear songs in a foreign language. Nevertheless, a handful of Spanish-language songs have become hit material in the United States since the 1950s, and so have some...

Top Picks:Spanish Instructional Videos
Thanks to the interactivity offered by computers, language instructional videos seem to have fallen out of favor. However, a few, many of them aimed at children, are still available.

Satellite Radio Programming in Spanish
This guide describes the Spanish-language programming available on the two satellite radio networks available in the United States, XM and Sirius. It also includes a description of how satellite radio works and the options available.

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