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Culture & Using Spanish in the Real World


If Spanish is only an academic exercise for you, you're missing out on the culture of the Spanish-speaking world as well as the opportunity to use the language with real people.
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Learn more about the names that are used in the Spanish-speaking world.


Etymology is the study of word origins. Learning about how words evolved to their present form often provides a glimpse into history.

Varieties of Spanish

The Spanish of Spain isn't the Spain of Mexico, but neither is the Spanish of Madrid the same as that of Seville.

Facts and Trivia About Spanish

Here are some details about the Spanish language that you may not know.


Because most of the Spanish-speaking world is Christian, both Holy Week (the week before Easter) and Christmas are especially festive times of the year. The articles and lessons can help you enjoy or understand those festivities and others.


Learn more about the Spanish language in real life.


For many of us, there is no more enjoyable way to put our knowledge of a foreign language to work than to travel to where it is used. These articles and lessons can help prepare you for your journey.

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