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Asking for Directions

Spanish for Travel


Points of compass

¿Qué dirección? (Which direction?) Foto de Gijón, España. (Photo from Gijón, Spain.)

Photo by Alquiler de Coches; licensed via Creative Commons.

There are few things more frustrating while traveling than getting lost. Fortunately, if you're traveling in an area where Spanish is spoken, this list of phrases and words can be of help. Combine the vocabulary listed here with basic grammar found in the accompanying lessons, and you'll be well on your way to getting the help you need. Even if you're not proficient in Spanish, in most places you travel you'll find that people will appreciate your desire to use their language. ¡Buen viaje! (Have a great trip!)

Where is ... ? Where are ... ?¿Dónde está ... ? ¿Dónde están ... ?

How do you go to ... ?¿Por dónde se va a ... ? Or, ¿Cómo puedo llegar a ... ?

Where are we on the map? ¿Dónde estamos aquí en el mapa?

Is it far away? Is it near here?¿Está lejos? ¿Está por aquí?

I'm looking for ...Busco ...

I'm lost.Estoy perdido (perdida if you're female).

Where can I catch a taxi (a bus)? — Latin America: ¿Dónde puedo tomar un taxi (un autobús)? Spain: ¿Dónde puedo coger un taxi (un autobús)? (Notes: Other terms used regionally for "bus" include bus, colectivo, camión, camioneta, góndola, guagua, micro, microbús and pullman. Be careful with usage of the verb coger in parts of Latin America, because it can have an obscene meaning.)

Write it down, please.Escríbalo, por favor.

Speak more slowly, please.Hágame el favor de hablar más despacio.

I don't understand Spanish well.No entiendo bien el español.

Is there anyone who speaks English?¿Hay alguien que hable inglés?

North, east, west, southnorte, este or oriente, oeste or occidente, sur

Kilometer, mile, meterkilómetro, milla, metro

Street, avenue, highwaycalle, avenida, camino or carretera

City blockcuadra (Latin America) or manzana (Spain)

Street corneresquina


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