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Spanish for Travel

What's the fun of learning Spanish if you can't use it? Here are information and language resources you will find useful if you plan to travel to where Spanish is spoken.
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Learn how to greet someone and introduce yourself in Spanish.

Asking for Directions
Learn how to ask for directions in Spanish.

Which Name Should I Use?
So you're traveling to a Spanish-speaking area. Should you introduce yourself by your given name or by a Spanish version of your name?

Asking for Directions
There are few things more frustrating while traveling than getting lost. If you're in an area where Spanish is spoken, these phrases will help.

Introduce Yourself in Spanish
Travel to wherever Spanish is spoken, and chances are you'll meet people you've never seen before. You need not be tongue-tied as you introduce yourself.

Huancayo, Peru: A Place to Practice Your Spanish
Looking for a place that's friendly to visitors yet that will force you to use your Spanish? You need look no further than Huancayo, Paru.

Currencies of Spanish-Speaking Countries
This list provides the name, symbol and subdivisions of the countries where Spanish is an official language.

Spanish Immersion School FAQ
Are you thinking about going to a foreign country to study Spanish? Here are some details you may want to consider as you plan your studies.

Spanish Language Immersion Schools
Reviews of Spanish language immersion schools by those who have attended them.See submissions

What Is the Best Travel Destination for Learning Spanish?
Nominate the places you think are best to visit for people learning Spanish.

First impressions count. That's one reason you should learn some of these common greetings before visiting an area where Spanish is spoken.

Using Metric Measurements
Your Spanish abilities may be fine, but if you don't have at least a basic understanding of the metric system, you won't be able to discuss measurements well.

Spanish for Air Travel
If you're traveling by air to or through a Spanish-speaking country, here's some vocabulary you will want to know.

Be Polite in Spanish
Even if you don't speak Spanish, you can learn a few simple words and phrases that will ease your way wherever Spanish is spoken.

Varieties of Spanish
If you learned the Spanish of one country, you'll be able to communicate fine whichever Spanish-speaking country you go to.

Discussing Temperatures in Spanish
The Spanish verb 'estar' is often used in Spanish when talking about the temperature. This lesson includes an explanation of how to convert between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

Spanish for Staying in Lodging and Hotels
Here is some vocabulary that will help you if you're spending the night in an area where Spanish is spoken.

Spanish Beach Vocabulary
If you're a beach-lover, sooner or later you'll find yourself somewhere where Spanish is spoken.

Which Name Should I Use for Myself?
When traveling in a Spanish-speaking country, it's your choice whether to introduce yourself by your given name or the Spanish equivalent.

Madrid or Buenos Aires?
Suppose you have a choice of studying in Madrid or Buenos Aires. Where would be the better place to go?

Spanish for Dining
One of the most pleasant parts of international travel is experiencing new foods. Here is some vocabulary to help you with the basics.

Volunteer Abroad
One way to put your language skills to good use while traveling is to volunteer to perform service in a Spanish-speaking country.

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