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Slang and Regional Spanish-Language Dictionaries

Spanish has plenty of words that aren't understood throughout the Spanish-speaking world. These dictionaries can help you deal with words that are primarily used in a certain area or among certain groups of people.

Alternative Spanish Dictionary
Translations of slang words that shouldn't be used in polite company.

Diccionario Americano
This dictionary lists words that are limited to a particular region or country, or which have meanings peculiar to a limited area. In Spanish only.

Diccionario de Regionalismos de la Lengua Española
Words from throughout the Spanish-speaking word are listed and defined along with the country of use. In Spanish only.

Diccionario de Spanglish
Is Spanglish merely slang, or is it the beginnings of a new language or patois? You decide after checking out this list of English words that creep into U.S. Hispanic conversations.

Words and expressions of the Canary Islands. In Spanish only.

Página de Le Vieux Coq
This collection of American regionalism is sponsored by a presidential candidate.

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