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Idioms and Phrases

Sometimes a single word won't do. These lessons provide information and examples on using phrases, idioms and other word combinations to express your thoughts in Spanish.
  1. Phrases using particular words (14)

Miscellaneous Time Expressions
A list of miscellaneous time expressions frequently used in Spanish along with

Making Polite Requests
Sometimes we get a better reception if we ask people to do things rather than telling them. This lesson explains how to do that in Spanish.

That's About Right!
Lesson on the use of approximations in Spanish. Most of the ways we give approximations in English have direct Spanish equivalents.

Translating 'Feel' to Spanish
The English verb 'feel' can be a tricky one to translate to Spanish, since it has several meanings that aren't closely related (at least in the mind of a Spanish speaker).

Definition of 'Idiom'

Adding Emphasis to Sentences
Here are some words and phrases you can use to give your Spanish sentences added emphasis.

This Spanish lesson explains how to refer to the ages of people and provides a brief vocabulary of age-related terms.

Translating "Ago" in Spanish
In English, we talk about something happening a certain time ago. Learn how to express the same thought in Spanish.

Of Course!
A look at several Spanish words and phrases that can be used to mean 'of course.' Sample sentences are included.

Saying 'In Other Words'
Here are five ways of expressing the idea of 'in other words' in Spanish.

Saying Thanks
If you want to say thanks, you aren't limited to gracias.

Best Translations Aren't Always Literal
Article on the use of idioms in Spanish, using a sentence from a Chilean news site as an example.

On the Contrary - Expressing Disagreement
Using phrases such as the equivalent of "on the contrary," you can express disagreement with what has been previously said or implied.

Saying 'Again'
Although Spanish has no single word that means "again," it does have at least three common ways of expressing the concept.

Adverbial Phrases
Spanish speakers often use phrases with an adverbial meaning in preference to adverbs standing alone.

Say 'I Love You' in Spanish
It has been said that most important three-word sentence in the English language is "I love you." If that's the case, Spanish's most important sentence is easier, since it's only two words.

'Haber De'
The verbal phrase haber de is sometimes used to express a mild sense of obligation.

Times of the Day
Spanish words for various times of the day such as morning and afternoon.

Expressions of Condition
A quick look at the Spanish phrases used for saying things such as "on condition that."

Phrases Using 'Oído'
List of Spanish phrases using 'oído,' the word for 'ear.'

Using "Vez"
Numerous examples of how the Spanish word "vez" is used in phrases.

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