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Top 8 Spanish Grammar Guides


If you're learning Spanish or have studied any other language, you know that you need an understanding of the rules of grammar to communicate well. Although these books take a variety of approaches, they'll all help you understand how the Spanish language is structured.

1. A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish

Ideal for the intermediate or advanced learner of Spanish, this could well be the best English-language guide to Spanish grammar.

2. ¡Búscalo! (Look It Up!)

While you're still looking things up in the index of competing books, you'll already have the answer with this quick-and-easy-to-use book.

3. 2,000+ Essential Spanish Verbs

This book includes full conjugations and example sentences for 250 verbs, references to information on 1,750+ other verbs, flash cards, a summary of Spanish grammar, lessons and other learning materials.

4. Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners

This book discusses all the essentials of Spanish grammar and includes an especially useful guide to editing what you write in Spanish.

5. Practical Spanish Grammar

This self-teaching guide by Marcial Prado is aimed at beginning Spanish students. It includes about 1,000 vocabulary words as well as quizzes so you can test your progress.
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6. Advanced Spanish Grammar

Aimed at intermediate and advanced students, this is the second in a series to go with the book listed above. Like the other book, it includes grammar explanations, examples, quizzes and vocabulary.
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7. 1001 Pitfalls in Spanish

Written mostly for intermediate and advanced students, this reference explains the numerous obscure grammar rules of Spanish, as well as the exceptions and the exceptions to the exceptions. If you have a question on Spanish grammar, you'll likely find the answer here.
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8. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses

This is both a reference work and, as the title implies, a book for self-instruction. Numerous exercises will have you learning verb tenses and conjugation until you know them without having to think about them.
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