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Because some Spanish letters share sounds, the spelling isn't always predictable. These lessons offer guidance to writing words correctly.

Differences in Spanish and English Spelling
When writing Spanish, you may be tempted to duplicate the spelling of English cognates. This might work — to a point. Here are the key differences in the spelling of the two languages.

Spanish Abbreviations
List of the common Spanish abbreviations.

Clues to the Choice of 'B' and 'V' in Spanish Spelling
Guide to the use of 'b' and 'v' in Spanish spelling.

Making Words Plural
If you know how to make nouns plural in English, you're close to knowing how to do so in Spanish.

Spanish Homophones
List of Spanish homophones and homonyms, words that sound alike and can easily be confused, along with their definitions.

'Porque,' 'Por Qué,' 'Por Que' and 'Porqué'
These four words or phrases are often a source of confusion. This lesson explains which one to use where.

Definition of 'Transliteration'
When one language adopts words from another language, transliteration can be part of the process.

'Mas' vs. 'Más'
An answer to the question of why there's an accent on the Spanish word 'más.'

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