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Principles of Translation - Spanish Language - About.com
Some of the best advice you can get when you start translating to and from English or Spanish is to translate for meaning rather than to translate words.
Which Online Translator Is Best? - Spanish Language - About.com
It has been more than 11 years since I last reviewed the quality of free Spanish- English translation available online. The verdict in 2001 was clear: Even the best  ...
Translating So to SpanishSpanish Vocabulary and Grammar
A look at the various ways 'so' can be translated to Spanish, with sample sentences.
Translations of Popular Spanish Food - Spain Travel - About.com
Decipher those unintelligible menus with this glossary of popular Spanish food. Print it out and put it in your wallet before you go - you'll be thankful for it when ...
Online Translation - Spanish Language
Two years ago we reviewed the one major online translating service available, and it was seriously lacking. Now, more than two years later, there at least half a  ...
Translations for Popular Drinks in Spanish - Spain Travel - About.com
Learn how to order hot, cold, alcoholic, and soft drinks in a Spanish bar or restaurant, along with the difference between sangria and tinto de verano.
Translating the Verb 'Might' to Spanish
There is no Spanish verb that has the same meaning as the English auxiliary verb 'might.' So when translating, you need to figure out first what is meant.
Two Translations of 'More Than' and 'Less Than' - Spanish Language
Both más que and más de are usually translated as "more than." However, they aren't used the same way in Spanish and aren't interchangeable. The same is ...
More Spanish Proverbs With English Translations - Spanish Language
Here are translations of the Spanish-language proverbs found in the list of proverbs. Most of the translations are fairly literal. Looser translations, interpretations ...
Translating 'As' in SpanishSpanish Vocabulary and Grammar
Because the English word 'as' has many meanings, it can be translated to Spanish in many ways. This lesson explains the most common.
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