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Spanish Verb Conjugations - Spanish Language - About.com
Here is our directory of Spanish verb conjugations. Simply follow these links to find out the conjugations of almost any Spanish verb — regular verbs are listed at  ...
Spanish Conjugation of Regular Preterite Verbs - Spanish Language
The conjugation for preterite verbs in Spanish is essential to learn, as it is used to talk about events that happened in the past.
Spanish Conjugation for the Present Indicative Tense
Lesson for beginners on conjugating the most common of verb tenses, the ... Student writing spanish on a blackboard - Image Source/Photodisc/Getty Images.
Introduction to Spanish Verb Conjugation - Spanish Language
In Spanish, various endings are attached to verbs to indicate who is speaking for first-, second-, and third-person forms in the singular and plural. For regular ...
Conjugation of Regular Spanish Imperfect Indicative Verbs
Conjugation of imperfect indicative verbs in Spanish along with examples of their use in sentences.
Tips for Learning Irregular Verb Conjugations in Spanish
Here are some ways to simplify your learning of Spanish irregular verbs.
Conjugation of Regular Spanish Verbs in the Subjunctive Mood
How to conjugate the regular verbs of Spanish in the various tenses of the subjunctive mood.
Conjugation of the Future Tense of Spanish - Spanish Language
Spanish conjugation for regular verbs, and some common irregular ones, for the indicative future tense.
Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Vivir
Conjugation of the regular Spanish verb 'vivir.' ... Regular Verb Serves as Model for Most "-ir" Verbs ... This is the regular conjugation for verbs ending in -ir.
Conjugation of Spanish Verb Beber - Spanish Language - About.com
Past participle (participio): bebido. Note: This is the regular form for the conjugation of -er verbs. Thus it may be used as a pattern for most verbs ending in -er.
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