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Spanish Punctuation — Periods, Commas and More
The following chart shows the Spanish punctuation marks and their names. Ones whose uses are significantly different than those of English are explained ...
Spanish Punctuation for Beginners
Spanish and English are similar enough in their punctuation that a beginner might look at something in Spanish and not notice anything unusual except for a few ...
Use of Commas in SpanishSpanish Punctuation
Most of the time, the comma of Spanish is used much like the comma in English. However, there are some differences, particularly in numbers and in comments ...
Writing Inverted Question and Exclamation Marks - Spanish Language
How Does Spanish Use Upside-Down Punctuation? Question ... sign with inverted punctuation - Photo by Nacho; licensed via Creative Commons. ¿Te vas a ...
Typing Spanish Accents and Punctuation in Windows
If you're writing in Spanish, here are instructions for typing accents and Spanish punctuation using the Windows XP or Windows Vista. This page describes how ...
Using the Semicolon in SpanishSpanish Punctuation
How to use the semicolon in Spanish with examples. ... for its application can be more subjective than for the other punctuation symbols (signos de puntuación).
Typing Spanish Accents and Punctuation with a Mac
If you're writing in Spanish with a Mac computer and need to type an accented letter or an upside-down question mark, here's an explanation of how to do it.
«Angular Quotes» - Use of Quotation Marks in Spanish - Comillas
Question: I was looking at a Spanish magazine the other day and throughout the text was punctuation that looked kind of like double "greater than" and "lesser ...
Using the Period in SpanishSpanish Punctuation
Although the period is used in Spanish much like it is in English, there are some ... as Mexico and Puerto Rico, the U.S. style of punctuation is used in numbers.
Using the Colon in SpanishSpanish Punctuation
The colon, known in Spanish as dos puntos, typically represents a verbal pause, a pause that is more significant than that represented by the common but less ...
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