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Spanish Pronouns
Pronouns are substitutes for nouns. Here you can learn how their form varies depending on their role in a sentence.
Types of Spanish Pronouns — Introductory Lesson for Spanish ...
Learn how various types of pronouns function in Spanish. Lesson includes examples as well as links to more advanced lessons.
Subject Pronouns in Spanish
Introduction to subject pronouns in Spanish, including the differences between the formal and familiar pronouns for 'you.'
Direct-Object Pronouns in Spanish
Learn what direct-object pronouns are and how they are used in Spanish.
Reflexive Pronouns in Spanish
Learn how reflexive pronouns are used in Spanish. Example sentences are included.
10 Facts About Spanish Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
10 facts that will be useful to know about pronouns if you want to learn Spanish.
Using Indirect Object Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
In Spanish, you may find indirect object pronouns where you least expect them, at least if your native language is English. That is because in Spanish, the ...
Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns in Spanish
Reflexive pronouns and verbs are used much more in Spanish than in English. Here's an introductory explanation of how they're used.
Subject Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
Learn the subject pronouns in Spanish and find out when they can be omitted from sentences.
Spanish Indirect-Object Pronouns
Learn how indirect-object pronouns are used in Spanish.
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