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Spanish Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
How To Use "Que" and Other Relative Pronouns in Spanish · Relative pronouns are often used differently in Spanish than in English. Here's an explanation ...
Types of Spanish Pronouns — Introductory Lesson for Spanish ...
Learn how various types of pronouns function in Spanish. Lesson includes examples as well as links to more advanced lessons.
10 Facts About Spanish Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
Here are 10 facts about Spanish pronouns that will come in handy as you learn the language: 1. A pronoun is a part of speech that represents a noun. As such, it  ...
Subject Pronouns in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Introduction to subject pronouns in Spanish, including the differences between the formal and familiar pronouns for 'you.'
Reflexive Pronouns in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Learn how reflexive pronouns are used in Spanish. Example sentences are included.
When To Use or Omit Subject Pronouns in Spanish
Subject pronouns in Spanish are a lot like medicine — they're often essential, but their use should be avoided when they're not necessary. Overuse of subject ...
Direct-Object Pronouns in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Learn what direct-object pronouns are and how they are used in Spanish.
Spanish Possessive Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
If you've already learned the long form of the possessive adjectives, you already know the possessive pronouns of Spanish. (In fact, some grammarians classify ...
Direct-Object and Indirect-Object Pronouns of Spanish
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of grammar for most Spanish students when learning how to use pronouns is learning how to use and distinguish between ...
Demonstrative Pronouns of Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
An explanation and complete list of the demonstrative pronouns of Spanish with examples of their use.
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