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The Spanish Present Tense - Spanish Language - About.com
The present indicative tense is the verb form nearly all beginners first learn when they begin to speak Spanish. And there's good reason for doing so: It's used ...
Spanish Conjugation for the Present Indicative Tense
If you're new to learning Spanish, chances are that the conjugation for the present indicative tense is the first conjugation set you'll be learning. Although it isn't ...
Use of the Present Tense in Spanish for Actions That Started in the ...
In Spanish, it is common to use the present tense in cases where we'd use a past tense in Spanish. This lesson explains the common instances with examples.
Present Perfect Tense in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
How to use the present perfect tense of Spanish with example sentences and translations.
Verb Tenses in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
In the basic sense, the verb tenses are past, present and future. But when learning a foreign language, including Spanish, it's seldom that simple.
Present Participles in Spanish, Also Known as Gerunds
As you may have already learned in the lesson on the present tense, you usually say something like "I am speaking" in Spanish in the same way as you say "I ...
Present Progressive Tense of Spanish
How to use the present progressive tense in Spanish, and how it's different than the simple present tense.
Intro to Spanish Conjugation in the Present Tense Video
Learn Spanish conjugation in the present tense so that you can properly speak sentences and phrases. Here is more information on Spanish conjugation in the  ...
Spanish Progressive Verb Forms - Spanish Language - About.com
The progressive tenses in Spanish are formed by using a conjugated form of estar, a verb usually translated as "to be," followed by a present participle, the form ...
Progressive Verbs in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Action in progress: In Spanish, it is very common to use the simple present tense where the progressive would be used in English. Thus a verb form such as ...
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