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10 Facts About Spanish Adjectives - Spanish Language - About.com
10 useful things you should know about adjectives if you're trying to learn Spanish.
The Spanish Adjective: Before or After the Noun? - Spanish Language
You may have heard that descriptive adjectives in Spanish are placed after nouns they refer to. In real life, however, that often isn't true.
Spanish Adjectives' Meanings Can Vary With Placement
The meanings of some Spanish adjectives can vary depending on whether they come before the noun or afterward.
Invariable Adjectives in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Unlike most adjectives, invariable adjectives don't change in number or gender. ... However, some Spanish people tell me that it is quite acceptable to say ...
How It Makes a Difference Where the Spanish Adjective Goes
Whether a descriptive adjective comes before or after the noun it modifies can affect how it is understood in Spanish.
Adjectives and Word Order in Spanish
It is often said that adjectives come after nouns in Spanish. But this isn't entirely true — some types of adjectives frequently or always come before the nouns they  ...
Noun-Adjective Agreement in Spanish
In Spanish, adjectives must match the nouns they describe in both number and gender.
Definition of Adjective for Spanish Students - Spanish Language
Entry for "adjective" in this informative grammar glossary for Spanish students.
Spanish Adjectives and Articles - Spanish Language - About.com
Unlike English, Spanish has two forms of possessive adjectives, a short form that is used before nouns, and a long form that is used after nouns. This lesson ...
Interactive Quiz About Spanish Adjectives - Spanish Language
Quiz for Spanish students on the concept of adjectives.
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