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Direct-Object and Indirect-Object Pronouns of Spanish
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of grammar for most Spanish students when learning how to use pronouns is learning how to use and distinguish between ...
Direct-Object Pronouns in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
Learn what direct-object pronouns are and how they are used in Spanish.
5 Differences Between Spanish and English Object Pronouns
A look at the ways in which Spanish and English treat object pronouns different, with links to related lessons.
Spanish Indirect-Object Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
Just as in English, Spanish verbs can be accompanied by direct and indirect objects. A direct object is the noun or pronoun that the verb acts directly on, while  ...
Using Indirect Object Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
Spanish uses indirect object pronouns in many cases where they aren't used in English.
Spanish Verbs Taking Indirect-Object Pronouns — Spanish Grammar
Some Spanish verbs use indirect-object pronouns even though it may not seem intuitive to English speakers to do so.
Object - Spanish Language - About.com
How the term "object" is used in Spanish and English grammar.
Prepositional Object Pronouns - Spanish Language - About.com
In both Spanish and English, a preposition needs an object in order to be ' complete.' This lesson explains which pronouns you can use in Spanish to follow  ...
Using the Spanish Gerund With Direct ObjectsSpanish Grammar
As a general rule, the Spanish gerund — the verb form that ends in -ando or - iendo — is best thought of as something that functions as an adverb, working with  ...
Leísmo - Spanish Language - About.com
Although a full listing of the differences between English and Spanish objects is beyond the scope of this article, it should be noted that some verbs use dative ...
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