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Writing Business and Personal Letters or Correspondence in Spanish
In English, it is common to begin both personal letters and business correspondence with "Dear ___" and to end them with "Sincerely." In Spanish, however ...
The Spanish Alphabet - Spanish for Beginners - Spanish Language
Learn the Spanish alphabet, including how the letters are pronounced and how words are placed in alphabetical order.
Silent Letters Other Than 'H' - Learn Spanish Language
It is well-known that the letter 'h' in Spanish is always silent (except in a few words of foreign origin). However, a few other letters sometimes are silent as well.
Spanish Letters in Microsoft Word - Homework/Study Tips - About.com
You can use the standard PC keyboard to create characters in Spanish. To create accented letters, simply press CONTROL and the accent key ( ' ), then the  ...
Spanish Letters and Symbols on a Macintosh - Homework/Study Tips
You can use the standard Macintosh keyboard to create characters in Spanish. Simply press the key combination option+e (press and hold both together).
Spanish Letters and Symbols in WordPerfect - Homework/Study Tips
If you use WordPerfect for Windows, you can insert Spanish characters. Go to the Insert menu Select Character. Select the Multinational character set Click on ...
How to Type French, Spanish & Other Accents on iPhone
Learn how to insert French, Spanish and other languages' accent marks in any ... the accent to (some letters don't have accents, so they won't pop anything up).
Typing Spanish Accents and Punctuation with a Mac
If you're writing in Spanish with a Mac computer and need to type an accented ... and indeed it is when typing Spanish accented letters and punctuation symbols.
Typing Spanish Symbols and Letters - Homework/Study Tips - About ...
There are shortcuts and tricks for typing Spanish letters. When you use the right symbols, your papers look much more professional.
Typing Spanish Accents and Punctuation in Ubuntu Linux
The USA International (with dead keys) layout gives you two ways of typing Spanish letters (and the letters of some other European languages) with diacritical ...
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