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Spanish Infinitives Following Verbs With No Change of Subject
Learn how infinitives are used immediately following conjugated verbs in Spanish.
Infinitives in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
How to use infinitives in Spanish, and how their use differs from that of English. Numerous sample sentences with translations are provided.
Using Spanish Infinitives as Nouns - Spanish Language - About.com
In Spanish, the infinitive form of the verb is often used as a noun. ... Infinitives Can Function as Subject, Predicate or Object. By Gerald Erichsen · Spanish ...
Spanish Infinitives Have Characteristics of Nouns and Verbs
A look at how infinitives in Spanish can function as both verbs and nouns. This is a lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series, in which a sentence from a ...
Spanish Infinitives - Spanish Language - About.com
In Spanish, the infinitive is the basic form of the verb. Here you can learn how infinitives are used.
Using Infinitives after Other Verbs with a Change of Subject - Learn ...
In Spanish, an infinitive following a verb has the same subject as the first verb. However, there are two main exceptions, one of which has an equivalent in ...
Using Infinitives after Prepositions in Spanish - Spanish Language
Learn the ways in which Spanish uses infinitives after prepositions.
Using 'A' After Certain Verbs Before Infinitives - Spanish Preposition 'A'
Some verbs require the preposition 'a' when used before an infinitive in Spanish. Here is a list of some of the most common.
Definition of Infinitive for Spanish Students - Spanish Language
Definition: The most basic form of a verb. In Spanish, infinitives always end in -ar, -er, or -ir. In English, the term is usually used to refer to the "to + verb" form of ...
Verbs Followed by 'De' and an Infinitive - Spanish Language - About ...
Learn Spanish Grammar · Parts of Speech · Verbs · Infinitives ... One common way of connecting verbs in Spanish that has no full equivalent in English is to ...
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