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How To Use the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish - Spanish Language
A lesson on when the subjunctive mood should be used in Spanish, complete with translated examples.
Definition of 'Indicative' - Spanish Language - About.com
Definition: The indicative mood is the verb mood used in ordinary, typical speech when making statements. The indicative is the most common of moods.
Verb Mood and Voice in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
An overview of the three verb moods and the two verb voices in Spanish along ... The indicative mood is the "normal" verb form used in everyday statements.
A Beginner's Look at the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
A quick look for beginning Spanish students at how the subjunctive mood is used .
Definition of Imperative Mood - Spanish Language - About.com
Definition: The verb mood that is used for making commands and requests. In Spanish, the imperative mood as strictly understood can be used only in the ...
Value Judgments and the Subjunctive Mood - Spanish Language
An explanation of how the subjunctive mood is used in Spanish to indicate value judgments.
Direct Commands in Spanish — The Imperative Mood
If you want to tell someone what to do, in Spanish you use the imperative mood.
Mood - Spanish Language - About.com
Spanish and English each have three verb moods: indicative, subjunctive and imperative. All verbs other than infinitives, participles and gerunds when used ...
Commands and Requests in Spanish Without the Imperative Mood
Here are ways to give commands in Spanish without using the imperative mood.
Spanish Sequence of Tenses — Determining Which Tense To Use ...
This Spanish lesson explains how you can know whether to use the subjunctive mood in the present tense or the imperfect (past) tense.
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