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Definition of 'Indicative' - Spanish Language - About.com
Definition: The indicative mood is the verb mood used in ordinary, typical speech when making statements. The indicative is the most common of moods.
Definition of Mood as a Grammar Term - Spanish Language - About ...
Definition of "mood" as the term is used in Spanish and English grammar. ... In both languages, the indicative mood is the "normal" verb form, the one used to ...
How To Use the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish - Spanish Language
A lesson on when the subjunctive mood should be used in Spanish, complete ... The most common mood, the indicative mood, is used to refer to what is real, ...
Spanish Conjugation for the Present Indicative Tense
If you're new to learning Spanish, chances are that the conjugation for the present indicative tense is the first conjugation set you'll be learning. Although it isn't ...
A Beginner's Look at the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
For the most part, in English as well as Spanish, the most common verb mood is the indicative mood. In general, it is the "normal" verb form, indicating both ...
Verb Mood and Voice in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
An overview of the three verb moods and the two verb voices in Spanish along ... The indicative mood is the "normal" verb form used in everyday statements.
Value Judgments and the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
An explanation of how the subjunctive mood is used in Spanish to indicate value ... main verb (indicative mood) + que + subordinate verb (subjunctive mood).
Spanish Sequence of Tenses — Determining Which Tense To Use ...
Spanish has two basic tenses of the subjunctive mood in everyday use, the present ... clause) that begins with que, which follows a verb in the indicative mood.
Using the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish To Express Uncertainty
is in the indicative mood. As such, it indicates certainty on the speaker's part that Marķa actually studied Spanish. In effect, the speaker is saying, I didn't know that  ...
Use of the Spanish Subjunctive With Cuando - Spanish Language
Either the indicative or subjunctive mood can be used following cuando, the choice often depending on whether the action of the verb has been completed.
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