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Spanish for Travelers
What's the fun of learning Spanish if you can't use it? Here are information and language resources you will find useful if you plan to travel to where Spanish is ...
Spanish Vocabulary of Air Travel - Spanish Language
Planning to travel by air to a country where Spanish is spoken? Here are some words that may come in handy.
Spanish Vocabulary for Hotels and Other Lodging
Traveling to where Spanish is spoken? Here's a brief vocabulary that you can use at your hotel.
Spanish Travel Language Basics - Student Travel - About.com
A combination of sometimes silly pantomine and Spanish basic words and phrases are what you need most to travel in a Spanish-speaking country.
Asking for Directions in Spanish
There are few things more frustrating while traveling than getting lost. Fortunately, if you're traveling in an area where Spanish is spoken, this list of phrases and ...
Spanish for Tourists: A Quiz To Help You Learn - Spanish Language
Even if you're traveling to a well-touristed area of a Spanish-speaking country where, as they say, "everybody speaks English," you'll enjoy your trip more if you  ...
Spanish for Travelers: Dining - Spanish Language - About.com
Here is a basic vocabulary to use while dining out in an area where Spanish is ... of Spanish · Products to Help You Learn or Use Spanish · Spanish for Travel ...
Spanish Beach Vocabulary - Spanish Language - About.com
Traveling to the beach in a Spanish-speaking area? Here's some vocabulary you can study before you leave (because you won't want to study once you get ...
Spanish-Language Online Travel Guides
Practice your Spanish as you get a preview of travel destinations. This collection of Spanish-language travel guides is mostly from official sources.
Essential Spanish for Peru - Peru Travel - About.com
If you can learn some basic Spanish essentials before you go to Peru, your entire ... importance of learning even the bare minimum before you travel to a foreign ...
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