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Real Spanish Grammar: Index of Lessons - Spanish Language
Index of lessons in the Real Spanish Grammar series based on Spanish as it is used in real life.
Spanish Capitalization — Lesson 14 in the Real Spanish Grammar ...
More about how capital letters are used (or not) in Spanish. This is part of the Real Spanish Grammar series, which looks at Spanish the way it is used in real life.
Using the Spanish Verb Hacer - Spanish Language - About.com
"Hacer" is one of the most versatile verbs of Spanish. ... Learn Spanish Grammar · Learn Spanish Pronunciation · Write in Spanish · Learn at a Spanish ...
Lo Que Begins Noun Phrases in SpanishReal Spanish Grammar 6
Excerpt from news article: Antognini y otros colegas europeos y de EE UU presentan esta semana en Science un estudio que señala que el protón es más  ...
Collective Nouns in SpanishReal Spanish Grammar Series
A look at how collective nouns such as 'gente' are used in Spanish. To get the most from ... Lesson 19 in the 'Real Spanish Grammar' Series. By Gerald Erichsen.
Two Uses for Past Participles in SpanishReal Spanish Grammar
A look at how past participles are used in Spanish. Suggestion: Try translating the opening sentence before continuing with the lesson.
Subject Pronouns Can Add Emphasis — Real Spanish Grammar
The grammar of a selection of Facebook's privacy policy is examined as it pertains to the use of subject ... Lesson 20 in the 'Real Spanish Grammar' Series.
Use of De Que in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
'De Que' Used To Connect Clauses. Lesson 5 in the 'Real Spanish Grammar' Series. By Gerald Erichsen · Spanish Language Expert. Share this ...
Using Definite Articles in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
An in-depth look at a Spanish sentence and how it uses definite articles. ... Aren't in English. Lesson 7 in the 'Real Spanish Grammar' Series. By Gerald Erichsen.
Spanish Verbs Paracer and Evitar - Spanish Language - About.com
A lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series on the uses of the verbs 'evitar' and 'parecer.'
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