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Adiós Scout - The Scout Farewell - Spanish Scouting Song
Sung to the tune of 'Auld Lang Syne,' this song is used within the scouting movement as a song of farewell.
Literary Scout Profile - How to Become a Literary Scout
A lesser known profession in the book publishing world, literary scouts find material -- for foreign publishers or film studios -- to be published abroad or to be  ...
Being a Successful Scout Leader - Fatherhood - About.com
You can learn to be a successful scout leader by following a few simple guidelines. Read what successful scout leaders do for success in scouting.
Sports Scout Job Description - Sports Careers - About.com
A profile of a career as a sports scout, including a look at responsibilities, average pay, benefits, challenges, and a career outlook.
SpiralScouts International Scouting - Clubs - About.com
Spiral scouts international is a scouting organization that is based in pagan religion and welcomes children of minority faiths.
Top Six Scouting Organizations for Kids - Clubs - About.com
Scouting organizations are great opportunities for children to make friends, develop skills and become involved in their community.
What is a Soccer Scout? - About.com
The role of soccer scouts is more important than ever as clubs look to get a head start on their rivals. Primarily, there are two types of soccer scout: the talent ...
Scouting Resources for Fathers and Scouts - Fatherhood - About.com
The Scouting movement has been a great way to build boys, girls and their fathers for generations. Find out more about Boy Scouting, Girl Scouting and related ...
Four Program Goals of Girl Scouting - Clubs - About.com
The Four Program Goals of Girl Scouting describe what girls can expect to learn and achieve through Girl Scouting. Junior Girl Scouts have Four 4 Junior Girl ...
Frontier Girls -- A New Scouting Organization for Girls - Clubs
Frontier girls is a new scouting organization for girls. Designed to meet the needs of rural girls, Frontier Girls offers a unique program to girls of all ages.
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