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Meanings of 'Santo' - Spanish Vocabulary - Spanish Language
The Spanish word 'santo' usually means 'holy' or 'saint,' but the word has escaped its religious boundaries to obtain a wide range of meanings.
The History of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, capital city of the Dominican Republic, is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in the Americas, having been founded in 1498 by  ...
Saints Bones Recipe - Huesos de Santo Recipe - Spanish Sweets
"Huesos de Santo" or "Saints Bones" are traditional Spanish sweets eaten on November 1st, All Saints Day. They are delicious, little, white tubes filled with ...
Italian Baby Names: Santo - Italian Language - About.com
Italian Baby Names: Santo: italian baby names sanctus mdash martyr nbsp.
The Story Behind the Santos of Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico Travel Guide
The larger santos are made for churches, while smaller ones that you'll easily find in shops and galleries are meant to be placed in a household. In Puerto Rico ...
The Santo "Miracles" - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Audrey Santo lies in a near comatose state, while paranormal events are seen all around her: unexplained blood, statues weeping oil, religious visions. What's ...
Santo Domingo Cathedral in Cuzco Peru - South America Travel
One of the most famous cathedrals in South America, learn why you need to visit Santo Domino Cathedral.
Visit the Santo Winery on Santorini - Greece Travel - About.com
Winetasting in Santorini has grown up in recent years - and no place demonstrated it more clearly than the cafe and tasting area at Santo Winery. With a ...
Readers Respond to Audrey Santo - Paranormal Phenomena
Readers Respond to Audrey Santo: audrey santo miracle girl sacred host target family garage.
Santo Domingo Visitor's Guide - Caribbean Travel - About.com
Travel, Vacation and Holiday Information on Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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