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The Spanish Preposition "Para" - Spanish Language - About.com
How to use the Spanish preposition "para," which usually means "for" but can have other meanings as well.
Using Por and Para in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
The English 'for' can usually be translated to Spanish as 'por' or 'para.' Which one should you use?
Using Para in Spanish With an Infinitive
This feature in the Real Spanish Grammar series shows how 'para' is used with an infinitive to mean 'in order to.'
Spanish Grammar: More on 'Por' vs. 'Para' — Translating 'For Your ...
An answer to the question: Why is 'for your country' in JFK's inaugural address translated using 'por' instead of 'para'?
Phrases Beginning With 'Para' / - Spanish Language - About.com
Many prepositional phrases begin with para, a preposition that usually is translated as "for" but also can have other meanings. Following is a collection of para ...
Por and Para - Spanish Language - About.com
Por and para are both translated as "for" in English, so they are often confused by native English speakers. This quiz will help you find out what areas you need ...
'Para Qué' vs. 'Por Qué' — Spanish Word Choice - Spanish Language
The Spanish phrases "para qué" and "por qué" both can mean "why," but there is still a subtle difference in meaning between the two.
Dibujos de navidad para colorear - Actividades en familia - About.com
Dibujos de navidad para imprimir gratis y colorear. ... Suscríbete para recibir los últimos artículos de Actividades en familia. Thanks for signing up! There was a ...
Para Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Jun 22, 2014 ... Definition: Para is a prefix used to describe a molecule where substituents are at the 1 and 4 or opposite positions on an aromatic compound.
What Is a Paraprofessional?
Also Known As: aide, paraeducator, parapro, para. Examples: The U.S. Department of Education site has information on the qualifications for professionals ...
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