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Spanish Verb Conjugations - Spanish Language - About.com
Here is our directory of Spanish verb conjugations. Simply follow these links to find out the conjugations of almost any Spanish verbregular verbs are listed at  ...
Tips for Learning Irregular Verb Conjugations in Spanish
Here are some ways to simplify your learning of Spanish irregular verbs.
Conjugation of Ver — Spanish Irregular Verbs - Spanish Language
Chart showing how to conjugate the irregular Spanish verb 'ver' and related verbs such as 'prever.'
Conjugations of Specific Spanish Verbs
Spanish has dozens of irregular verbs. Here you can find the conjugations for many of them.
Irregular Spanish Past Participles - Spanish Language - About.com
Most of the time, past participles in Spanish are formed by changing the ending of -ar verbs to -ado and the ending of -er and -ir verbs to -ido. However, there are ...
Conjugation of Pensar - Spanish Verbs
Conjugation of the Spanish verb 'pensar. ... Note: Other verbs following the pattern of pensar include acertar, alentar, apretar, ... Irregular forms are in boldface.
Conjugation of Poner - Spanish Grammar - Spanish Language
Other verbs following this pattern include componer, disponer, exponer, imponer, oponer, proponer, reponer and suponer. Irregular forms are in boldface.
Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Pagar
Note: Other verbs following this pattern include apagar, cargar, despegar, entregar, juzgar, llegar, obligar, pegar, tragar, and vengar. This verb is regular in  ...
Conjugation of volver - Spanish Language
volver · irregular spanish verbs. Conjugation of volver. Note: Other verbs following this pattern are absolver, devolver, disolver, desenvolver, resolver, and  ...
Stem-Changing Verbs: 'O' to 'Ue' - Spanish Language - About.com
Brief Spanish lesson on stem-changing verbs that follow the o-to-ue pattern.
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