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Writing Inverted Question and Exclamation Marks - Spanish Language
Answer: The upside-down or inverted question marks and exclamation points of Spanish are unique to the languages of Spain. But they make a lot of sense: ...
Spanish Punctuation for Beginners
As already mentioned, the most common difference is the use of inverted question marks and exclamation points, a feature that is almost unique to Spanish.
Spanish Punctuation — Periods, Commas and More
Exclamation points are used in the same way that question marks are except to indicate exclamations instead of questions. Exclamation marks are also ...
Exclamation Point Definition and Examples
"The fact that dialogue balloons in comic books may seem to have an awful lot of exclamation points in them says at least something about the whiz-bang nature ...
Definition and Examples of Multiple Exclamation Marks
Two or more exclamation points (!!!) following a word or sentence.
Notes on Exclamation Points - Grammar and Composition - About.com
Since it first popped up in the 14th century, the exclamation point has generally been regarded as the hot-headed punk in the school of punctuation. Favored by  ...
End Punctuation - Basic Punctuation Rules
We begin our study of punctuation by focusing on the end marks: periods, question marks, and exclamation points.
What is an Exclamation Point and How Is it Used - Desktop Publishing
Learn the history of the exclamation point and how to use ASCII and HTML codes for the exclamation point.
French Punctuation - Writing in French - French Language - About.com
Although French and English use nearly all of the same punctuation marks, some of ... The semi-colon, exclamation point, and question mark are essentially the ...
Fixing the iTunes Exclamation Point
The exclamation point appears next to a song when iTunes doesn't know where to find that song. Every song in your iTunes library is stored on your computer ...
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