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Using the Spanish Preposition De - Spanish Language - About.com
Learn how to use "de," one of the most common prepositions in Spanish.
Spanish Prepositions De and Desde
Question: On interactive Spanish TV programs, when someone is put on the air, they ask him: "¿Desde dónde nos llamas?" (and not "¿De dónde nos llamas?
'Haber De' — Spanish Grammar - Spanish Language - About.com
In one of her songs, Natalia Oreiro, a famous Uruguayan singer, says: (ojal') 'que la suerte sea suerte y no algo que he de alcanzar." What does she mean ...
De - French Preposition - French Language - About.com
De is a very important and versatile preposition with many different meanings and uses in French.
French Possessive De
The French preposition de is used to express possession with names and nouns. It is equivalent to 's or s' in English.
De trop - French Expression - French Language - About.com
You might find it's sometimes a bit too much to use this expression in English, but in French it's definitely not de trop.
De vs Du, De la, Des - Adverbs of Quantity, Containers, Adjectives ...
For adjectives, prepositional phrases, adverbs of quantity, and containers, the question of de vs du, de la, des depends on whether the noun that follows is ...
Être en train de - French Expression - French Language - About.com
One click and you'll be in the process of learning how to use the French expression être en train de.
De-Extinction - The Resurrection of Extinct Animals - Dinosaurs
There's a new buzzword making the rounds of trendy tech conferences and environmental think tanks: de-extinction. Thanks to ongoing advances in DNA ...
Particles: De - Japanese Language - About.com
Particles are probably one of the most difficult and confusing aspects of Japanese sentences. The functions of particle de include place of action, means,  ...
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