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Using the Spanish Preposition De - Spanish Language - About.com
De is one of the most common prepositions in Spanish. Although it usually is translated as "of," and sometimes as "from," its use is far more versatile than the ...
'Que' and 'De Que' Following a Noun in Spanish — Spanish Grammar
An explanation of when 'que' and 'de que' are used in Spanish when following a noun.
Spanish Prepositions De and Desde - Spanish Language - About.com
Question: On interactive Spanish TV programs, when someone is put on the air, they ask him: "¿Desde dónde nos llamas?" (and not "¿De dónde nos llamas?
De - French Preposition - French Language - About.com
De is a very important and versatile preposition with many different meanings and uses in French.
French Possessive De - French Language - About.com
The French preposition de is used to express possession with names and nouns. It is equivalent to 's or s' in English.
De vs Du, De la, Des - Descriptive vs Possessive de
The preposition de tends to be very difficult for French students. This lesson explains when to use de by itself vs when to use du, de la, or des when using the  ...
De trop - French Expression - About.com
You might find it's sometimes a bit too much to use this expression in English, but in French it's definitely not de trop.
À vs De - French Prepositions - French Language - About.com
The French prepositions à and de cause constant problems for French students. Generally speaking, à means to, at, or in, while de means of or from.
À vs De - French Prepositions - French Language - About.com
It is essential to understand the difference between the French prepositions à and de. The meaning of some verbs depends on whether you use à or de, while for ...
De vs Du, De la, Des - French Prepositions and Articles
Test yourself on using de by itself vs when to use du, de la, or des.
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