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&Uacaute;ltimas noticias en español

Spanish-language news sites reachable during Internet traffic jam

This page is not being maintained. It has been retained here for historical purposes.

Dateline: 11 September 2001

As Internet news surfers found major news sites such as CNN and The New York Times difficult to reach due to heavy Internet traffic today, those able to reach Spanish had the advantage that they could still reach news sites offering comprehensive coverage.

Among the Spanish-language sites offering continually updated coverage are these:

  • Clarín — In the hours after the attack, the online site of this Argentine newspaper was devoting nearly all of its front page to the attack. Helpfully, some of the articles included links to stories from other Spanish-language and English-language sources.
  • El País — Otherwise fairly standard coverage from Madrid includes a photo gallery and video.
  • El Mundo — Shortly after the attack, El Mundo had shoved aside all news from Spain from its front page to concentrate on the attack.
  • ABC — As would be expected, news of the attack is dominating the Madrid-based news coverage of ABC (no connection with the U.S. television network). Inexplicably, for a few hours after the attack the online newspaper prominently carried erroneous reports of an American Airlines plane crashing at Camp David.
  • El Nuevo Herald — The Spanish edition of The Miami Herald was offering coverage similar to that of other American newspapers, but in Spanish. The site includes a bulletin board where readers can discuss the events in Spanish.
You can share your reactions to this and other news events either in Spanish on the bulletin board or in either Spanish or English in this site's chat room.

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