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Spanish Instructional Video

This page is no longer being maintained, and the information included here is likely to be incomplete or out of date.

Thanks to the interactivity offered by computers, language instructional videos seem to have fallen out of favor in recent years. However, a few, many of them aimed at children, are still available.

1) Destinos
This video series is a favorite of Spanish students everywhere.

2) Bilingual Baby (Spanish)
Is it possible to teach babies Spanish with a 40-minute video? Perhaps not, but this video series (which also includes other languages) is extremely popular. The video covers all the basics and is aimed at the preschool set.
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3) Standard Deviants TV: Spanish
Who says learning Spanish can't be fun? Silliness reigns supreme in this introduction to the language. The series also includes tapes for intermediate and advanced Spanish.
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4) Miracle of Mozart: Teaching Your Child Numbers and Shapes in Spanish
Here's a unique concept: teach children Spanish vocabulary as well as basic math to the rhythms of classical music. This and other videos in the series are aimed at preschoolers.
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