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Guide Picks - Top Electronic Dictionaries
Some people won't travel without an electronic dictionary, while others don't understand why they'd spend much more money on one than a book would cost, even though the electronic device usually has fewer words than a printed dictionary and usually includes fewer definitions per word. Some include extra features such as electronic organizing, alarms, and calculators.
1) Franklin English-Spanish Translator TES-118
This translator leads the pack not because of its features but because of its low cost. And its vocabulary isn't bad at all — the tiny device includes 650,000 translations, 2,000 conversational phrases, verb conjugation, and a calculator.
Manufacturer's Site
2) Ectaco Partner EE586HT
A million translations; conversion between English and Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese; organizer functions; and PC exchange software make this a particularly useful device for portable language translation.
Manufacturer's Site
3) Lingo 10 Talk
This electronic dictionary includes not only Spanish and English, but also French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew. With a 32 KB memory, it translates more than 60,000 words and also includes a world clock, alarm, and metric converter. Other models offer from 6 to 26 languages.
Manufacturer's Site
4) Franklin Spanish Professor DBE-1440
This dictionary is based on the Larousse Dictionary, which includes 2 million translations, verb conjugation, a phrase book, and a grammar guide. It also includes games and other tools designed to help you learn Spanish.
Franklin Site
5) Ectaco Pocket Universal Translator
Although it has a limited vocabulary, the Pocket Universal Translator is an English-to-Spanish phrase bank with speech-recognition capability. You say a phrase in English, and the machine pronounces the Spanish translation of the phrase. This is software designed to be used with a Pocket PC.
Manufacturer's Site
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