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59. A caballo...
From Gerald Erichsen, your Guide to Spanish Language
Dichos, refranes y citas
Refrán de hoy
A caballo regalado, no le mires el diente.

Cita de ayer
Los niños son la esperanza del mundo. (José Martí, independentista cubano)

Children are the hope of the world. (José Martí, Cuban freedom fighter)

Resources for Spanish students
Conjugation of 'elegir'
Like other verbs ending in -gir, elegir requires a change in the spelling of the stem in order to maintain the correct pronunciation in certain conjugated forms.

English has adopted many Spanish words
Words such as "sombrero" and "taco" have become part of the English language. But they don't mean exactly the same thing as they do in Spanish.

This introduction to pronouns explains, among other things, the differences among the Spanish words for "you."

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